From Geehan Family – 2011

So it is always the big milestones that people talk about with their kids…

  • Sleeping through the night
  • First time they Roll over
  • First food
  • Crawling
  • First Steps
  • etc, etc, etc.

But to me it seems it is the unmentioned milestones that have hit home a little more. First time Pickle Pie stayed over with either grandparent, using the potty more and more, without accident, and so many more. This really hit home yesterday. Pickle Pie dragged me out of bed shortly after 7am to go play in her room, builing buildings with her Lego Duplo, and playing with shape puzzles. I then heard Pixie Pie, and so went to get her out of bed… Breakfast was then processed for Pickle Pie. By 10:30 I handed Pixie back to Mum mum (who was just stirring from bed) and took Pickle Pie out to Home Depot. She slept a little on the way there and then fell asleep on the way back… staying asleep for an hour or so.

The rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent recaulking the bathroom. It really made me realize how sloppy a job the contractors did when building the house… caulking the outside of the shower door sill, but not the inside (resulting in a deep green algae like substance to be growing on the caulking), caulking over cracks in the grout instead of fixing the problem itself, etc. Pickle Pie did help out, but then got distracted by her sister.

Anyway, back to the reason for the post. We went over to a friend’s house to hang out, as she was just recovering from surgery. She has two wee ones, A girl of four, and a boy who is 1 1/2 weeks younger than Pickle Pie.

Given that I work all day (yes, I do actually work), I tend to miss out on a lot of the play dates that happen, so have not seen Pickle Pie’s interaction with other kids all that much. That being said, even Mum mum was surprised at her yesterday. Within minutes of arriving the kids were calling for Pickle Pie to come play, and soon after they disappeared into a bed room, coming back out, at full speed, each with their own cape. Round and round the house they ran. Mum mum joined in, resulting in a terrified Pixie Pie. Dadawa then took over, resulting in a terrified four year old (I still have the touch it seems!). Yoga was then practiced, and all around fun had.

We then headed out to grab a bite to eat before going to Capoeira.

I was surprised, proud, and a little sad to see how quickly Pickle Pie is growing up. She is such a little girl now… Not an infant, not a baby, but a little girl.

Oh yeah, and we ended the night with her having a bath in the sink in the kitchen. Started by her wanting to wash her hands, then scrub her fingernails, then wash her feet and scrub her toenails… all resulting in the photo below;

From Geehan Family – 2011

Sick Pie…

This weekend seemed like it was (iPad seriously just autocorrected WAS to WASSERSTEIN!) a busy one. Skipping to Sunday we had Dim Sum at a different place than we had previously gone to. The good was not the best and by the tail end of lunch Pie (the big one) was getting tired and bored so we went out in the hallway to run around and play. She and I had lootsss of fun!

We headed home, dropping Ama and Kong Kong home and then went home to wait for Bubba who was coming to get Pickles to take her for a bike ride. She fell asleep and had a nap while we waited, but woke up to head over.

We learnt later that they did not do the ride as she slept on and off all afternoon, and was vomiting about an hour before we went over for dinner. When we got there she had a fever and was very low key. She was ill once more before we left and again in the car on the way home. Monday she was low key for a lot of the day and had another bad night, whimpering and wanting to be held a,l night.

She seems to be all better, especially after sleeping for the better part of 12 hours last night.

The only thing that we can think of what caused it was that we were at a meeting with some other families on Saturday morning. Pickle was playing with the hosts young boy. The mother was coughing a little during the meeting and only thought to tell everyone that she had been sick all week, and only thought to let everyone know at the end of the meeting. A meeting where there were three little kiddos under the age for four months… Now that may not be the reason that Pickle Pie was vomiting all over the place and was not happy for a couple of days but it is the most likely factor, which makes Mum mum and me angry.

I could say a lot more and really want to, but I will leave it at… This makes us ANGRY!

Travel gets hard…

So I was on the road this week, helping level set (again) a good customer due to some of our own resource shuffling.

I get bad connectivity while I am onsite. But I can get text messages pretty easy. Getting one from Mum mum saying ‘You have a second to reassure Pickle Pie that you are coming home?’

I admit that I dropped everything and called home. Was not a fun call, but I heard that afterwards Pickle Pie moved on to the next thing and was fine…

Travel has never been much fun, at least business travel, but this makes it even worse… Anyone think it is likely to get better? At least without the whole family traveling with me… And the company won’t pay for that!

Possibly the last of the words posts for Pickles

Coh-doh-wow (Colorado). Ran-chont, now ran-schrant (restaurant). Fidge-e-yah, now fridgerrraer (refrigerator). Skooffie, now skoome (excuse me). Gawaaj (garage). Pain cakes (pancakes). Vail-bol (available). Dotter (doctor). Gaggon (wagon). Uh-cuz or oh-course (because). Ssings (things). Tuff (stuff). Wunning (running). Wun wun wun (run!). Hooman Park (Hermann Park). Heomet (helmet). Try-see-koe (tricycle). Gwiveway (driveway). Garnen (garden). Gwop (drop, sas in drop you-off). Foe-toe-gwaffe (photograph). Ah-gange (orange). Liebahwy (library). Kwuck (truck). Pwash (splash). Kahner (corner). Tainer (container). Samwedge (sandwich). Cap-supp (ketchup). Vid-YO or vid-oh (video). Ae-bow (able). Ooze (use). Kwahma (camera). Cock (chalk). Hossapoe (hospital). Hoe-toe (hotel). Dullahship or dellaship (dealership). Ordanized (organized). Bormonn or Bowment (Beaumont).

I know there’s more, but ah well.

“Skooffie, Dahddie, Iwant waddah peese.” “Eyewannameent!” “Mee nee VAN!” “Mum, I sad, oh-course I want sommmilk.” “Mum, I want sommmoke uh-cuz I TIEuhd.” “Ohhhh, I see.” “You have two options.” “No, I do it!”

She often corrects her own flubbed words. She repeats “tuh” and “ss” sounds after speaking words that end with them. She uses “because” to connect cause and effect, but the order of the events is sometimes reversed. She also ends phrases with “okayyy?”

Some of her animal and human dolls’ names are Carol (Kah-woe), Alex, Isidora (Izzy-dore-ah), Gog, and the giraffe rolly bag is Leah-Dot-Com.

She talks about her in-laws and has a GPS. HEB is no longer ABC store.

She’s just talking so much that it’s more her inflection and the timbre of her voice than the individual pronunciations that we love.

What to post about?

There is a fairly long list of things that I should be posting about, and yet I am tired enough not to want to. What I want to post about is really something that I should not post about and that is work. I keep my thoughts and feelings about work off the blog for all the right reasons but there are times when it would be nice to just vent about things. The best I will do is just to say that something at work caused things to get more complicated than they needed and it has largely been due not to dishonest dealings but at least due to less than open honest communication. In work, as well as outside of work, that tends to result in less than good things happening. Maybe not to yourself, but certainly to the people around you… And that can be avoided for the most part.

Sigh… TGIF!