Rethinking Everything…

So I am way behind on blog posting, if you have not already figured. Back over the labor day weekend, which was a little while back, we took a weekend away. Up to lovely, sunny Dallas, and more specifically to a hotel on the outskirts of DFW.

It was an education, or a rethinking education conference. Really it was an unschooling conference, which is a form of homeschooling, one based on a child led learning. Focusing on what the child wants to learn, and not measuring yourself strictly against arbitrary goals that society set. Children all learn at different speeds and in different ways, and the traditional school system teaches children more how to take tests and less on learning skills that are relevant to real life. There is one thing that school really does not do to my mind, and that is prepare a child for the real world.

The conference basically took over the whole hotel and it was incredible to see how the kids acted more than anything. There were some great panels and sessions that we were able to attend, but with the two young ones our time was really focused on them and the sessions took a second place, but watching everything and everyone was in a way much more educational. The best part of the weekend was watching how Pickle Pie started to open up and make friends (having her fall out of bed, and slip in the bathroom and crack her cheek on the toilet was certainly one of the lower points… but she was fine). One night she even said to Mum mum ‘I want to make more friends tomorrow’

Loved seeing that. Loved.

The other thing that was great was the people. From a wide spectrum of society and approaches to education and life. We made friends with a lot of people, and regardless of if we follow a unschooling methodology to education, we will be looking forward to the conference next year even just to see the people that we met this year, and to meet new people.

We are on a journey at the moment and trying to determine exactly how schooling will look for the girls, and what it will look for Mum mum and me. Our head is currently closer to going with homeschooling of some sort, but if we go it more solo, or work together with a co-op of some sort. We are walking down a particular path, but the great thing is that we can stop and have a check internally at any point and if we want/need to change we can do. The biggest thing that we need to determine and keep in mind is simple.

‘What do we want the girls to get out of schooling, and what skills do we want them to have as skills when they leave home’