Parenting is tough

I should be writing about how I got dressed up as a superhero (And not just any but Supergirl) to run in the blazing Houston heat this afternoon, but I can’t. I don’t care enough right this second.

Pickle Pie spent the night with Nana and Bubba last night and came home after I left for the run. As I was being dropped off home by a fellow runner, Mum mum was pulling out to take her over to Ama & Kong Kong’s.

A couple of hours later we get a call. Pickle Pie had been running, fell and hit her teeth. Her front teeth were bent in. Rushed home she was and calls to dentists both near and far. Luckily our neybor is a dentist and after a consult with the on call for our regular dentist he was able to straighten them back. Pickle pie was a trooper, was a super brave girl, and was back off dancing and playing shortly after the procedure (sans pain killers) was complete, and scaring the beejeebers out of us with every move she made. Last I heard, she was in a Chinese restaurant eating soup. Wow… Her strength in that situation amazes me.

Everyone who has had kids knows it is not easy, and tonight was a sharp reminder of that for me. Any of the adults would have taken the pain for Pickle Pie if we could, but we could not, and all we could do was help her deal with it.

Pain is a part of life, although it is sometimes too much part of the central part of out lives. It is around us all the time, and we all have to deal with it at some point. Physical or emotional, we endure and move on. I wish I could stop my kids from ever feeling pain of any kind, but even if I could I know I should not. Pain helps remind us of our boundaries, and I guess there are some that say that if you don’t feel the lows and the pain that you will not feel the highs… Not sure how much I believe that, but regardless… Letting her go and do her thing is always hard, but doubly so tonight.

Parenting is hard, I understand that better everyday, but I would not trade it in for anything. I am incredibly privileged to have to beautiful healthy kiddos… And look forward to everyday I will have with them… I will be there to pick them up when they fall, to cuddle with them when they are sad or in pain, and to join in the joy when they are happy. My kids are my life. Not all of it, but a large part of it. I don’t live only for them, and they certainly do not live for me, but I will happily tag along for the ride to help guide them and support them, and to watch them grow into the awesome women I am sure they will be.

Tomorrow will be better and i will get around to posting about the hot undies run… But for tonight I hurt because my kid hurts. She just deals with it better than me I think.

Bayou Segway Tours…

From Houston Segway Tour – July 26, 2011


Houston is a city that a lot of people either love or hate. Some just don’t get the attraction. We do… or we likely would not be living here. That being said, there are a lot of areas of Houston I have not taken the time to really visit, and the bayou area around downtown is one of those. You don’t realize how much there is to see, and some of the history of Houston (e.g. Allen’s Landing… Which I never knew of and would never have known to visit) that is easily accessible.

Due to a great deal through GroupOn my Cuz and I took a Segway tour of downtown Houston, focusing on the Buffalo Bayou area and theater district. It was a great tour, and one I would highly recommend, if you are visiting or if you live here. Some good history, some sights of Houston that not everyone sees everyday, and the chance to speed through Houston on a Segway.

Riding a Segway to me is like a combination of Wii Fit and Skiing. It was a lot of fun, but took a little getting used to, especially when it is in training mode as getting it to slow down feels a little tricky, but they are very responsive so moving around things is pretty easy.

We both had a lot of fun, but I would recommend (on top of a camera with a wide angle lens if you have one) a little backpack with some water, as there is no where to store a bottle of water if you bring one. Here are a couple of photos from the tour.

I was not sure how the tour would go given that we were to be outside for two hours in July, but after getting going on the Segways, it was really very pleasant, and between trying to take the sights in (and get some photos) and messing with the Segway, I never really noticed the heat. The breeze you get while on the Segway really makes it feel very enjoyable. A tour that I highly recommend.

Houston Segway Tour – July 26, 2011

Pickle Pie Celebrates Turning Three…

From Pickle Pie – 3rd Birthday Party


Wow… three years… Yes, second post on her birthday, and there could have been many more. We helped celebrate her third birthday with family and friends over the weekend. Hiring out the party room at Star Pizza and providing nothing more than some pizza, some drums, some free space, and a little time… and kids are happy, and parents get a little space to relax (at least I hope they did!).

From Geehan Family – 2011

As an additional benefit, we also celebrated the birthday of Pickle Pie’s Kuku and her Dadawa (Daaadddiee Waddie). Everyone had a good time, including our new little Monkey.

From Pickle Pie – 3rd Birthday Party
Pickle Pie – 3rd Birthday Party

UPDATE – Fixed issues with the photos after I changed the permissions on the gallery…