Possibly the last of the words posts for Pickles

Coh-doh-wow (Colorado). Ran-chont, now ran-schrant (restaurant). Fidge-e-yah, now fridgerrraer (refrigerator). Skooffie, now skoome (excuse me). Gawaaj (garage). Pain cakes (pancakes). Vail-bol (available). Dotter (doctor). Gaggon (wagon). Uh-cuz or oh-course (because). Ssings (things). Tuff (stuff). Wunning (running). Wun wun wun (run!). Hooman Park (Hermann Park). Heomet (helmet). Try-see-koe (tricycle). Gwiveway (driveway). Garnen (garden). Gwop (drop, sas in drop you-off). Foe-toe-gwaffe (photograph). Ah-gange (orange). Liebahwy (library). Kwuck (truck). Pwash (splash). Kahner (corner). Tainer (container). Samwedge (sandwich). Cap-supp (ketchup). Vid-YO or vid-oh (video). Ae-bow (able). Ooze (use). Kwahma (camera). Cock (chalk). Hossapoe (hospital). Hoe-toe (hotel). Dullahship or dellaship (dealership). Ordanized (organized). Bormonn or Bowment (Beaumont).

I know there’s more, but ah well.

“Skooffie, Dahddie, Iwant waddah peese.” “Eyewannameent!” “Mee nee VAN!” “Mum, I sad, oh-course I want sommmilk.” “Mum, I want sommmoke uh-cuz I TIEuhd.” “Ohhhh, I see.” “You have two options.” “No, I do it!”

She often corrects her own flubbed words. She repeats “tuh” and “ss” sounds after speaking words that end with them. She uses “because” to connect cause and effect, but the order of the events is sometimes reversed. She also ends phrases with “okayyy?”

Some of her animal and human dolls’ names are Carol (Kah-woe), Alex, Isidora (Izzy-dore-ah), Gog, and the giraffe rolly bag is Leah-Dot-Com.

She talks about her in-laws and has a GPS. HEB is no longer ABC store.

She’s just talking so much that it’s more her inflection and the timbre of her voice than the individual pronunciations that we love.

What to post about?

There is a fairly long list of things that I should be posting about, and yet I am tired enough not to want to. What I want to post about is really something that I should not post about and that is work. I keep my thoughts and feelings about work off the blog for all the right reasons but there are times when it would be nice to just vent about things. The best I will do is just to say that something at work caused things to get more complicated than they needed and it has largely been due not to dishonest dealings but at least due to less than open honest communication. In work, as well as outside of work, that tends to result in less than good things happening. Maybe not to yourself, but certainly to the people around you… And that can be avoided for the most part.

Sigh… TGIF!

I love that week…

Translation… ‘I love that cheek!’

This was in reply to her giving me a hug then a kiss on the right cheek. I asked her why she always gave me a kiss on only that cheek. Would she give me a kiss on the other cheek? Answer was the above… Maybe I have read too many books and watched too many movies, but I will now be on the lookout just in case I do get a kiss on the left cheek… I will be paranoid that it is a sign for someone to take the shot and take me out or to prepare the concrete shoes for my trip with the fishies…

Dadawa parenting alone…

From Geehan Family – 2010 – Part 2

Last Thursday was the first time, since Pixie Pie was born, that Dadawa went at the parenting thing solo. Mum mum had a girl’s night out planned, and had pumped some milk well in advance. Evening started just after 5pm when Mum mum went to get ready and head out. Little Pixie Pie was stuffed (although gently), into a sling, where she fell asleep pretty quickly. After Mum mum left, we went out to the driveway for Pickle Pie to run around and play with one of her best friends… Yay Yeh (Julia).

Oh, I should add at this point that Pickle Pie had not had a nap, so was already tired, and when tired tends to get grumpy very quickly (much like Dadawa does).

We lucked out, as there was pizza on offer next door and we managed to crash the pizza party, so dinner was covered very easily! Ok, maybe not the most healthy, but it had cheese and tomato… that is good, right? šŸ™‚

After dinner, we came home to play. I fed the little one, with help from Pickle Pie, who loved to help hold the bottle. Diaper changes were had, and we were good to go. A quick game of Memory, where Pickle Pie twisted the rules a little and was well ahead in the matching game, interrupted by more infant diapers. At this time we had already passed the 7 o’clock hour. I had thought I would be lucky to hold out to 8pm, but it was still looking good.

After games, and fun, I pulled out the camera, as well as the tripod, and set it all up so that I could show Pickle Pie how we can take photos without holding the camera, and where we can all be in the photo. Setting the timer and rushing around infront of the camera (me sitting on the swiss ball to settle Pixie down) we got a couple of shots, one of which is above. It was warm, so yeah, I do haveĀ  sheen of sweat, but so what… we live in Houston… we get a couple of weeks when this does not happen to me, and we are now on the slippery slope to unbearable heat for the coming 6 months.

Pickle Pie loved it, and was sooo excited, hence the fantastic smile we captured.

I took the camera down, but let her play with the tripod, which killed another 15 minutes, then it was bath time for us all. As per another post, Pixie Pie loves the water, and we all climbed in and splashed around. When Pixie was starting to get tired of kicking around in the water (she does not stop when in the water), I got her out, cleaned her up and got her dressed (forgetting for a couple of minutes to put on her diaper cover… but no mess happened so I lucked out). Then we got her into a sling and got Pickle Pie out. She climbed into bed and I got a diaper on her, before she decided she wanted a back rub… 10 minutes later she was out cold, having skipped brushing and flossing her teeth.

Throughout this we had run the laundry and finished loading the dishwasher. Mum mum walked in while the wash was on the final rinse cycle to see both kiddos sleeping. She had enjoyed herself, and so had we.

Thursday Night Single Parent Night will now be a routine we are going to set, with Mum mum and Dadawa taking turns to have a night off and out… regardless of what we do.

This last photo also taken that night when Pickle Pie was cuddly with Baby Sissa and protecting her eyes from the indirect flash on the camera. We get a lot of cell phone photos, but the quality in these ones from the DSLR are incredible, so I plan on trying to get more and more using that.

From Geehan Family – 2010 – Part 2

Ipad 2…

I did not get an iPad first generation and thought it was hilarious that both Nana and Ama both got one for Christmas. I really wanted to wait for one that had a camera.

That was not the only reason for not buying one. At the time I could not justify getting one as I have lots of laptops at home doing very little. Granted most of them are on their last legs (HP laptop with a dead battery, a Mac with a dead battery and a failing hard drive) but I have them if I need them.

Now, I spend all day in front of a laptop. Granted my time is spent working or writing blog posts, but I am in front of a machine with direct Interwebs access, and don’t always want to or need to do the same in the evening. The main thing that I want a portable, non work related device, for is to write on. I have lots o ideas and little time to do anything with them. I did have a NetBook that I had planned to use in that respect but it started to slow down on me and I was never interested in waiting 5 minutes for it to boot. A Mac will book a lot quicker but a full laptop costs more than I want to pay… Hence looking to see if an iPad would work.

In the past couple of weeks I have borrowed the iPads that are in the family and tried to write a little on them. It is not the best that is for sure, but it does a pretty good job when you get used to typing on it.

That made up my mind. I spent two hours yesterday waiting in line for a ticket and then to actually buy one. I am now typing this post on the iPad and have been getting Google Docs set up to allow me to work in the cloud. I have been using several different options for the cloud and am leaning towards Google for now. I have used OneNote and the. Microsoft cloud, which is good, but the iPad integration is poor especially from a filing perspective. Google is not perfect, but it will work for now.

Anyway, we are now the proud owners of an iPad 2, and I plan on trying to focus some more time on writing in the evening. Even 30 minutes a day would be a good start towards getting some structure and religion on this.


For a couple of weeks, Pickle Pie went through a phase where I was helping her to go to sleep at night. Our routine, after brushing, flossing, and PJ’s… was to go to her room, climb onto the rocking chair, then I would sing her Alouette, and normally she would go to sleep very quickly. There was one night where she stayed at her grandmother’s and I could not do that, and it made me sad :(. I then travelled and we fell out of the routine a little.

Then, one night I was singing some other French kiddo songs to her and then could not remember the tune for Alouette. So YouTube to the rescue! I found the song, we watched it and then sang a little more.

Since then, we do that routine a couple of times a week. It tends to be started by us all being in bed and Pickle Pie say ‘Me want go my room ‘n cuddle. Dad bwing phone. Me need louuettaa‘. A couple of nights ago she made the same request. I told her that she has fallen asleep when I sing to her, but she never did when watching the clip. She was firm in needing the phone, and so off we toddled… and sure enough, within a minute of starting the video she was out cold.

She is a very cute little girl!

Beware of the following video… It contains odd monsters singing a song talking about plucking out a bird’s eyes… :p


Adventures in Car Ownership…

Before I moved back to the US o A in 2004 I had actually never owned a car. I had occasionally rented one in London if I needed, and would use my parents car when back in the US, but never could justify buying one when living in London. All it would have meant was more money spent going to Top Golf, that I am sure of.
Since moving back I have owned, some by myself, some with Mum mum, a total of 4 cars. We are on our fourth just as of last Friday.

With two little kiddos, the grandparents being in town, and friends and family coming to visit now and again, we agreed we needed more space than the Lexus couldĀ provide so we took the plunge and joined the Minivan world.Ā  It is a new Honda Odyssey, and for a minivan it handles really well. It is lower to the ground than the RX was, so we will need to watch for steep driveways and for standing water, but overall it is a great car. Pickle Pie loves playing in it too.

Here are photos (not of the actual cars) of the progression of automotive history that I have been part of…