My take on a birth announcement…

Most people may have seen this, but this is what I sent to colleagues and managers at work after the birth. What most will not have seen are the comments I got back…

Subject: Phase Two of Project Geehan Family Growth Delivered…

High TCE recorded across the board after the very successful delivery of this phase of the program of work. The customer (aka Baby Sissa… real name not scoped out yet) arrived into the Geehan family at 0:45 on Saturday morning after a rapidly progessing delivery stage. The key delivery team (namely my wife) worked overtime starting early Thursday morning. Delivery was slowed down on late Thursday morning due to unforeseen biological circumstances (either that or customer was not ready for project delivery), but resumed on Thursday evening, with a steady progression to successul execution late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

Assisted by our midwife, Mum mum (names replaced due to web nuttiness) and I were present and caught little Baby Sissa as she entered the world, and her older sister soon came home to join the family in a post delivery review session, commonly known as an exhaustion induced nap.

The family is safe, healthy, and happily resting at home. We are gearing up for potential customer satisfaction issues that will be escalated and dealt with before it impacts long term team cohesion and morale.

For further details, a more detailed recap of the birth, as told by yours truly, is on our blog at

I will be hunkering down for the post delivery support phase, and although will be checking emails occassionally, will not plan on being actively engaged in any project other than this one for the next week at least. Any emergencies can be sent by text to me, and I may respond, or not… No guarantees from me this week.


Highlight of the comments…
  • Hopefully the PM can help to allocate an eAward to the delivery team for recognition of a job well done!
  • Congratulations to you and the new addition to the project team.  Now, get that customer satisfaction survey out so that you can hear about the project’s great success !
  • I didn’t even know you were working on this particular project. I didn’t see any mention of margin in your project summary but I hope it was healthy!
  • Congratulations ………any chance of upselling another project?
  • Congratulation on expanding the scope of your family !  😉
  • Excellent communication to the peers for another successful world class delivery. Only question still in my mind is: What was the final EGM (Note… Engagement Gross Margin)?
  • Please ensure you provide timely status reports as the project moves along.
  • I’m sure you guys have delivered a best-in-class solution that will outperform all competitors.
  • You can book your time the following WBS # BABY002
  • I hope those customer satisfaction issues are quiet and everyone is getting to sleep at night!

And my two favourites…

  • So first of all, it is clear to me that a break from the Project mgt world Is overdue.That being said, best “new baby announcement” ever!!
  • You sir, are a complete dork. Congrats!