Welcome Little One…

It all started… well I ain’t going to talk about how it all started… Go talk to your parents about that one, but the birth of our second child really started on Thursday.

The first I heard that Mum mum was having contractions was as you would expect… via email, checked, on my phone, when I woke up… The contractions were mild that early morning and slowed down after breakfast, resuming in more regularity later that evening… and they only stopped early Saturday morning.

I worked throughout the day, as best I could, on both Thursday and Friday, and Mum mum was managing the contractions like a complete trooper. They were slowly getting stronger and a little closer, but nothing that we felt was imminent. Partly for that reason, and partly cause Pickle Pie wanted, I took Pickle’s up to Capoeira class, where she did some Capoeira while in an onbu on my back, in a sling, and just by herself… when she was not eating that is. Before we left (she was ready and clearly told me so ‘Daddday, I tired, go home now’) she swept Jaguar, sending him tumbling to the floor (to her complete delight) and then gave him a high five.

We got home by 10:30 pm and it was clear that Mum mum had progressed. The contractions were getting stronger and she could not talk through them, and needed to focus on relaxing to make it through. By just after 11pm we made the decision to let Pickle Pie go to Ama and Kong Kong’s to try and sleep as we thought it could be a long night. I jumped in the car took her over, and was back (and showered) by just after 11:30… when things really started to heat up.

The pain was building and the focus to get through each contract was intense. Obviously a lot more intense for Mum mum than me but still…

We figure that within 15 minutes her water broke, and at that time we called for the midwife. That was just after midnight (0:10 to be more exact). We then moved Mum mum to the toilet. 20 minutes later I got the call that the midwife was here. It then took a while for her to get upstairs due to the large amount of equipment that comes with birthing at home. When she walked in to the bathroom I quickly ran down to get everything inside. I got one trip up the three flights with equipment (to this day I could not tell you what was in any of the bags), and then I went to check on Mum mum cause she was not happy. Oh not at all. Shouted that ‘Baby Sissa is coming’ and sure enough she had her hand between her legs cradling the baby’s head. I naturally freaked out and it took a quick prod from the midwife for me to run to her (Mum mum’s, not the midwife’s) and to help catch Baby Sissa.

Birth was at 0:45 and she weighed in at 6 pound even (we found this out later when she was checked out and weighed). The next couple of hours was focused on running back and forward getting towels and blankets into the oven, calling the parents, including the instruction for Pickle Pie to come home, helping get Mum mum and baby comfortable in bed, cleaning, drying, soothing, dressing, cuddling with, cutting the cord of, and generally gazing adoringly at Baby Sissa.

By 4:30 or 5:00 we were all in bed. Pickle Pie was snorbling on my pillow, exhausted by the day, having been extraordinarily sweet and excited about the birth. She had wanted to catch Baby Sissa, but timing was not one that we expected, but she does not seem to be upset. She just now wants to play with, dress, change, and generally nurture her little sister. Baby Sissa was snorbling with Mum mum, and I was joyfully wedged in the middle of all this.

Mum mum was incredible throughout the process. Always there, focused in on the now, and riding the contractions like a champ. Not a single profanity nor verbal whip lashing at me (which I was sure would come before the profanities!), but a constant reinforcement of the affirmations that she had written (Man am I glad I remembered some… if not all of them… they really came in handy!). ‘Slide Baby Sissa, slide’ was one key mantra… and man did she just slide out.

We are now past 12 hours after the birth. Pickle Pie has been out shopping, had lunch, and is hanging out with Nana and Bubba. We have had some rest, some food, and Baby Sissa has had milk (or colostrum), sleep, diaper changes, and the occasional cry, but overall has been very restful. When she is awake she is alert. She listens to and seems to love the sound of our voice. She turns to you when you talk to her, and at one point I am sure even held up her hand in a sure sign of ‘Daaadd… Just shut it for a sec will ya.  I am still processing all this. Jeez dude… just let me relax for a sec’

Mum mum repeatedly asked Baby Sissa to slow down as she needed a break, but Baby Sissa was hell bent on coming out when she did… Lets hope she listens to us better in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

I have missed a lot I am sure, and well such is life. I will have more posts in the coming days with updates, and keep an eye on Facebook (for y’all on my network) for maybe more regular updates. More photos will be posted to Picasa when I have them collected, and have my mind collected, but you will have to do with these three photos. The first was taken shortly after she was born, the first time that I held my precious little daughter, the second was this morning when she was cuddling with Mum mum, and the third was again when I was carrying her around and cuddling with her. Lots more of that gonna happen that is for sure!

Photo Albums…

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