Pronunciations and phrases

This is more for our memories than it is a “real” post.

Partial list drafted August 16, 2010: Fahvuh (flower). See? Me’s (mine). No, me. Vaffa (waffle). Peek (speak). Pity (pretty). Up (help or up). Buhd (bird). Buddah (butter). Putda (put there). No moh (no more). Aw gonn (all gone). Duppas (diapers).

Now, there are full sentences, so noting phrases is sorta pointless now. Lots of inflection, eyebrow furrowing or raising, serious head-tilting, exaggerated upswings at the end of phrases, a hand on a listener’s arm or knee for emphasis, hand gestures. My favorite pronunciation variants: Pannach (spinach). Bembuh (remember). Yike (like). Yook (look). [Sometimes, the “L” sound does come out right, though.] Wice (rice). Yoom (room). Kayonns (crayons). Ware (where). Bebe sissah (baby sister). Kimmass (Christmas). Bwokky, bohkee (broccoli). Pettshows (pretzels). Seeya (cereal). Hoomungus (humongous). Keenee minnie (skinny minnie, associated with nakedness). Cap-ah-yeah (capoeira). Kunchee (crunchy). Kossovah (cross over). Uhh side (other side). A-B-C store (HEB). Koegah (Kroger). Keeah (Ikea). Kahget (Target). Eeya, gah-eeya (Galleria). [Can you tell where we shop?] Moke, mawk, mewk (milk). Puhtuh (computer). Jaff, gawaff (giraffe). Ehhfant (elephant). Tchew-tchew (train). Cayyah (carry). Foss (floss). Fusch (flush). Diepuhs (diapers). Go head (go ahead). Onnanj, ah-ganj (orange). Karyee (Charlie). Ang-ap (hang up). Pinkle (sprinkle). Kuhbee (Kirby). Pehwie (Perry). Kawoh (Carol). Mwahwy (Mary). Aen-jew (Angel). Kwai (cry). Shoai (shy). Jwive (drive). Baahr-fie (butterfly). Yahm (warm). Boo (blue). Geen (green). Wed (red). Ellow (yellow). Back (black). Baone (brown). Basset baw (basketball). Seepee (sleepy). Tied (tired). Allaway (all the way). Tares (stairs). Weddee (already, ready). Pwae (play). Hoad (hold). Ammal (animal)….which sounds a lot like Emmo (Elmo) and Ama. Hewp (help). Weed (read). Yaya lee (Nora Lee).  Kohse (clothes). Hoe (hole). Dess (dress). T-ssert (tee shirt). Sorts (shorts). Ice keeem (ice cream). Ovah deh (over there). Mysewf (myself). Donnaws (McDonalds). Bingg (bring). Sammich (sandwich). Botch (box). Sommping (something). Dopp meeoff (drop me off). Kikky (sticky).Kikenj (kitchen). Ommboo (onbu). Matss, motch (match). Mah-nah-nah (banana). Caking ah bahss (taking a bath). Mote (remote). Packpack (backpack). Genn, ah-genn (again). Bonnon (bottom). Danshores (dinosoaurs). Kattoh (quatro).

Phrasings include “No I like it,” for “I don’t like it,” applied to any negative. She does a rapid “Where? Where? Where?” in imitation of when we have overplayed urgency to her pointing something out. Asked me “What’s wrong?” the other day when I grumbled. Uses “and” most liberally. Skips most prepositions (“I coming pwae my yoom. Dad come pwae me my yoom?”) Asks, “How dis yuurks?” (how does this work?”). Offers comfort and cuddles, checks if we feel better after being upset or sick. (Sometimes, she feels that “I litto bit sick.”) “Beshoo, Mommy” when I sneeze, though in the middle of the night and most other times, I’m “Mum.” Names eating utensils fine, though the pronunciation of “fork” is sometimes iffy.

And then, there’s, “BOO!”

Ta Da Daaddy

This weekend was a very busy one. We took the hour and a half drive down to Port Arthur for the Cancer Center’s patient party. If for nothing else, it is always fun to watch King Kong and the rest of the doctors try to dance… and man did they put on a show this year.

One of Pickle Pie’s favorite parts of the trip now is the park across the road from the church’s banquet hall. All she would say was ‘Park pweese!’

She had a blast as always and the highlight for me was when she was on the swing asking to go ‘faassster!’ cackling and giggling the whole time she said ‘taada daddy for bringin mee park!’

How can you refuse to bring her to a park or push her higher when she says that?

Pickle Pie is growing an is stringing longer and longer sentences together. It is incredibly cute!

Oh and don’t get me started on the phone call I got while on a recent trip and sitting at the gate waiting to board a flight after getting up early enough that mum mum and pie were still sleeping… I am that glad my role shift will mean less travel as it will be harder and harder on me when I do!