Listing more spoken words

She uses enough words now that I’m just listing the ones that aren’t yet totally accurate pronunciations.

Laight (light). Caggy (carry). Padda (panda). Pahda (pasta). Peeda (pizza). Noodleoo (noodle). Yice (rice). Bed (bed, but usually bread). Mangie or manga (mango). Toot dooot (train). Voh (whoa). Koess (clothes). Ugg (hug). Evvy (heavy). Bucky (bulky). Ohm (home). Fore (floor). Ling (sling). Nake (snake). Lahlee or layler (later). Low (slow). Fass (fast). Monn! (come on!). Dading (thank you). Gock (walk). Goohk (book). Airpane (airplane). Airpoht (airport). Moke and mak (milk). Lala (love). Beurss (purse). Fowwy (sorry). Utt (hurt). Pay (pay or play). Daw (doll or tall). Bop (stop). Poon (spoon). Gakays (glasses). Fuffs (shoes). Fuffa (cereal). Puvvy (fluffy). Onon (onion). Ah-gay or oh-kee (okay). Ott (hot). Brrrvvr (cold). And (hand). Tarr (star). Baby (small). Meaneet (minute). Addy (ready). Agg (egg). Mennon (watermelon). Keeawee (kiwi). Loellah (stroller).

Toot Toot… Pickle’s 2nd Birthday Party

Wow… two years ago this weekend, we welcomed our Pickle Pie into the family. How she has grown over the two years, and how both Mum Mum’s and my hair have shortened in length!

The party for her birthday was held at Hermann Park this weekend where we rode the train, and had cake and food with family and close friends. Thank you to all who came, and sorry we missed everyone who could not make it. The day was lots of fun, and the party went off without a hitch, making our life a lot easier.

Now… if we could only get the little one to go to bed before midnight we would be in business. Dadawa needs to get up early for work, but that does not compute with her yet!

Photos from the party are up at Picasa… I have more, including higher resolution ones if anyone wants them… just comment here or email me directly.


Data Cleansing…

If you have linked to any posts, or photos here, you will want to update them. Same for any updates on the Picasa albums as I have gone through to take out our name from any of the posts. This is more for the little one (aka Pickle Pie) than us parental units (Mum Mum & Dadawa).

I have been quiet here, and it may stay that way for a little while, although I will try to post when I can. Things are just very hectic at the moment and it is leaving me with little time and no energy to post.


We heard the heartbeat yesterday. All seems well with the littlest pie, although the big sister denies that she, dada, or anyone else has a heartbeat too.

Her birthday party is coming up, and we hope she and her friends enjoy it.

And I have been making stuff! A seat belt cover, a crayon roll, cloth wipes… and I patched a pair of jeans and hemmed two pairs of golf pants for Dadawa. None of the jobs were totally polished, but they all work and look pretty decent.