Blobby2, meet your big sister

I explained about the baby to Pickle Pie one morning maybe two weeks ago, and after a few minutes of what I thought might be part of a series of talks, I could see the comprehension suddenly sprout. In the next second, she bounced up, lifted my shirt, and stuck her face to my stomach. I braced for a raspberry, but instead of blowing one, she shouted, “Hiiiiiii!” and gave a kiss (“[Of type] big.”). Perhaps the baby was resting, meditating, whatever they do in there while getting built, and thought, “WTF?!?” But regardless, it knows it will be welcome.

She has initiated a greeting to it a few times. Once, while we were having breakfast, she lifted her shirt,  indicated that I should do the same, then shouted “Hi!” from her seat. At other times, she pats or kisses my stomach. And she points at pregnant women in magazines and says, “Mama?”

Oh, and I have broken into the maternity clothing stash. Just before I did, I was leaning over Pickle Pie to reach something, and she looked up at me, put a palm on my stomach, and said, “Mama? Big!!”

still a secret

It’s still way too early to know the new baby’s sex, but I’ve already used “she” or “her” three times when meaning to say “it” or “its.”

I sometimes really want another little girl because this first one we have is SO AWESOME, but I also want a boy, if (sadly) only to prove that I would indeed offer him dresses and skirts to wear and raise him in a truly gender neutral way, to the fullest extent possible. Yes, to prove something about ourselves.

I do also want a boy because boys are awesome and all, too… but then again, we could have another girl! I never loved girls as a kid, but I adore them now that I like myself and have figured out how to respect women more than I did when growing up as a part of THIS culture.

Eck. This ramble is done.

Inventory of loss

I finally finished attaching values to the jewelry stolen last month and sent the list in to the insurance company. It was strangely difficult.

A lot of the pieces were antiques or vintage. The greatest losses were family jewelry. I have had worries about valuing them, because I’m claiming value for something I would never have bought myself, would never try to replace, would never have planned to sell…but that are irreplaceable. I never, never wanted to lose any of them.

The electronics and other household stuff was much easier. We do need to get serial numbers in to the police, just in case some of the stuff is sitting in a pawn shop somewhere.

And another two losses to note that have nothing to do with the burglary: two friends of ours have had miscarriages lately. We are relieved to have gotten updates that both couples are handling their losses fine, but that’s just the up-side to a down. For beings who hadn’t even been born, the “blobbies” are being missed an awful lot over here.