Ok so I admit that I have been crap, but life has been busy…

  • Christmas… say no more
  • Work load feels like it has tripled lately… for all the right reasons but still
  • My grandfather passed away in January and a trip to Belfast for an Irish wake with my dad and brother ensued
  • Traveling for work… tiring… especially day trips that leave me sick
  • Pickle Pie has had a cold. Cute and sad, but results in lost sleep
  • Mum Mum had foot surgery (right foot done… left next) so I have been the legs of the house to chase Pickle Pie down… although my mum has been great in helping out

That being said, new blog. Old links to photos will not work, so I short circuit than fixing them all so there.

Old RSS feed may not work either so you may need to resubscribe (in fact I can pretty much guarantee it won’t work!)