Milk Bank Party

Mum Mum has been donating breast milk to the Austin Milk Bank. They were having a party the other weekend in the Houston Zoo, and we had yet to get our membership so we thought… what the heck, it’s a free entry to the zoo and maybe even some free food/drink, so off we toddled.

We arrived late due to Norbles taking a long mid afternoon nap (lucky little thing… she is having another one of those now after taking another zoo trip, where she came back with Digit, the Silverback Gorilla teddy bear) only to find that the food (especially the cake) had just been removed. We still sat around and had a chat with some of the people from the Milk Bank, and ran after Pickle Pie who was still waking up, and not happy at missing cake.

Photos were taken, we went on our merry way and then this was posted on the Milk Bank Blog…

Link to blog post

See the bottom right of the picture to see how happy Pickle Pie was about missing cake!

Actually, she tends to prefer fruit over cake… which is good for her, and for her dad!