Four Weeks…

Or close to it since any activity here. Yes we are still here, just been a little busy!

Updates, in no particular order;

Work – is work, is work, is work. Nuff said. Been travelling on and off. Gotten engaged to run a project then hours pulled back, limiting what I can do. Nuff said. Year end madness… No more on that.

Pickle Pie – We have a true toddler. She is walking around like a champ. Loves to chase and be chased. Very independent and head strong. Overall very happy camper. Making her parents (and grandparents) very happy in the process. Oh, and she loves her corn. On and off the cob. Photos and videos need to be uploaded to Mac, processed, then uploaded.

Mum Mum – Spending a lot of day at Pickle Pie’s beck and call. When not doing that, various projects keeping Mum Mum busy.

Dadawa – Played golf once the other weekend. Badly. Managed to pop my shoulder while at the driving range the night before. Not good sign! Working away (see above). About to start second read through and first pass edit at friend’s second book. Also just signed up for NaNo (no, I am not becoming a nanobot)… Jury out on if I will complete, or will let anyone read what I do complete, but what the heck, gotta push yourself right?

Miscellaneous – Weather cooling down, finally. Allows us to spend more time outside and with doors open (making good use of new doors and screens on the doors). 3 year old DLP TV is deciding it is tired of being a tv and will now be a star scene (will upload photo). Control chip is dying and is expensive to replace. We may be shopping for a new one soon.