RSS Working again…

For all our loyal, dedicated fans that follow the blog through RSS feeds, no we had not dropped off the face of the planet… just our RSS feed had. Special characters in the Eragon post caused the feed to break. So that last book caused me anguish on the book itself, caused links on my last post to be broken, and then it caused the RSS feed to break… Sigh… is that for me giving it a low rating?

Great speakers…

I don’t get into politics much, mainly because well, I can’t vote here in the US, and if I could then it would mean more work for me to keep up on stances taken and views of the candidates. That being said, I got a kick out of this speech…

Girls are home…


Pickle Pie had a Doc appointment this morning. Got stuck a couple of times. Latest stats…

  • Date: 10th September 2009 (Happy Birthday to my brother by the way)
  • Weight: 21 Pounds, 2 Oz (45% percentile)
  • Height: 31 inches (85% percentile)
  • Head: 18 3/8 inches (80% percentile).

Growing well and doing very gut!


Mum Mum and Pickle Pie have been in Ireland for the past two weeks. They are back home late tomorrow night, and it will be nice to have them back. For the past two weeks you may think that I would have been relaxing and enjoy the bachelor life… but unfortunately not. I did manage to go see District 9 the other weekend, but apart from that my time has been spent;

  • Working
  • Completing a couple of to-do’s on the home fix up list
  • Studying, studying, studying… for the PMP (Project Management Professional) exam

The exam is a four hour, 200 question, multiple choice exam. The way I tend to picture how the exam need to be taken is that you need to pretend you are an anal retentive a-hole, working in a perfect world. If you can do that (or you are that) then you have a good chance at passing. If you are good at rote memorization (Inputs, Outputs, and Tools & Techniques for 42 different processes anyone?) then even better.

My only chance was pretending to be the former (no comments about how it should not be hard) as I am crap at memorisation.

Anyway, I have spent the better part of the past two weeks studying for this silly exam, which does not show the true worth of a Project Manager, but is a highly viewed certification, and one that I am supposed to have based on my role in HP. The exam was this morning, and as per the image above I passed. The passing grade is 61%, and I have no idea what my end result actually was, but I PASSED. Moderately Proficient means I got at least an average score on that section, and Proficient means I got above average on that section… not that the exam is split into sections… just 200 endless questions.

Anyway, that is past me, and I am glad of it.