Final Month 12 Photos

The last set of photos from Month 12 have been uploaded and can been seen on the slideshow on the website or within Picasa.

Pickle Pie – Month 12!

As I mentioned a lot of these photos will be removed from the website and consolidated into a single slide show. The reason for doing so includes space on the server and a personal wish to consolidate them into a single slide show. There is also the issue that at some point Pickle Pie will have an opinion on if those photos should be online at all. When she is old enough to make that decision (and based on everything I have seen so far she will most certainly have an opinion) then I will respect her wishes and if needs be will remove all photos as well as any videos of her if that is what she wants and we feel is appropriate.

Not to worry… that day is still a couple of months away so still plenty of time to enjoy them!

Tick tock…

How the past year has flown by.

A year ago, or there abouts, our little Pickle Pie had just been born. Mum Mum was recovering from the lengthy labor, and I was, well adjusting to reality. We would have been home by now, and trying to figure out how to keep the little one safe and keep ourselves sane. I remember spending a lot of time watching late night olympics, while giving Pickle Pie a bottle. I saw a lot more beach volleyball, synchronised diving, and sundry other sports than I expected I would. We were exhausted, I was certainly nervous, and not a little scared that I would screw things up, but we were in awe of the little bundle that we had. Cammie was also trying to adjust to the new life, and as a unit we still are adjusting… and will continue to do so I am sure.

A year has past. Pickle Pie turned one over the weekend, and I have more gray hairs in my beard than I did a year ago. Not that Pickle Pie gave me them, or at least not all of them, but they are there and I doubt they will go away (without some Just for Men), and I am happy with that.

This past weekend was a long one. Pickle Pie turned one on Saturday and we celebrated by slinging her into her carseat and heading down to Port Arthur for the patient party. Mum Mum drove our car, with Stephen (a friend of my cousins) and my mum in the car to keep Pickle Pie entertained. In the other car was my dad, David (my cousin on my mum’s side) and me. The party went really well. The doctors were good sports in making fun of themselves by trying to Hula hoop and dance the twist (video to follow) and David and Stephen were game as well, by giving everyone a taste of Ireland (video below). Pickle Pie then was brought up on stage, as we all were, and was sung Happy Birthday by about 300 people. I did inform her (not that I think she was listening) that she should not expect this every year (I can’t afford to hire that many people to sing to her every year).

After the party we did some sightseeing, some lunch, a little more sightseeing, where we we accosted by an irate parkranger, then back home.

Sunday we had a smaller, slightly more intimate party for Pickle Pie with family and close friends. From that she got a lot of loot, and I got a cake too as it is my birthday later this week.

David and Stephen have moved on to the next leg in their journey and we wish them well. Sherwin will be in town next and I may need to head out of town sometime next week.

With all this happening, it is easy to lose track of the fact that Pickle Pie turned one. I am still amazed at how well she is doing, growing so quickly, and is starting to show some real personality (and a real temper to go with it). I have enjoyed everything I have been able to do with her and see her do, and have been pretty much unfazed by the various liquids I have been covered with over the past year (some of which has been documented elsewhere on this blog).

Before anyone asks ‘when are we having another’… the answer is simple… we have not decided. There are a lot of parts to that equation. All I will say is that we love Pickle Pie, are enjoying her as much as we possibly can, and I will leave it there.

It is late. I have an early start and a long day ahead. Work has caused me to be completely swamped lately, but I am hoping that what I am seeing is some glimmer of light at the end of this particular tunnel. I am sure there are more tunnels ahead, but I want to get through this one before worrying about the next.

More photos, videos and blog entries to follow, when I get a chance… Oh, and the old slide shows for year one will be removed at some point and consolidated into a single slideshow.