NVB – Teeth Sharpening

Taken on my cell phone, Pickle Pie decided to try and take the phone from me to eat it, but then she got distracted by the empty coffee mug, and she used that to sharpen her teeth. The scratching noise you hear half way through is not Mum Mum working in the background, but Pickle Pie’s teeth on the mug!

Get ready for the coming (or gathering) storm…

… as some of you may be aware, I have read one or two fantasy novels in recent years.

One series I have read for years is the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. The series has seemed to drag on and on. It was originally due to be a three book series, that has until now reached the golden number of 12 books. Then Robert Jordan passed. His estate then gave the reins of the series over to Brandon Sanderson. After hearing this I read all of Sanderson’s work, and really enjoyed it.

Anyhoo, Jordan had always planned that the last book, titled A Memory of Light would be the last book, but would be a mammoth one, potentially requiring a completely new binding technique. This obviously meant we were almost guaranteed to have several volumes. Well, word was released today that we would… not just one volume, nor two, but three… and these are likely to be spread out over the next three years. so if you were expecting to find out what happens to Rand at the end of the series, well… DOH! you got another 2-3 years to wait.

I am not surprised, annoyed, or frustrated about this. I am looking forward to closing the book on this series, and hope that it ends well (unlike the ending to the Terry Goodkind series The Sword of Truth, which fell apart midway through the series but never came back together). The recent books started to give me hope for light at the end of the tunnel (or would that be a memory of light), so I hope for the best, and will be eagerly anticipating the release of these books. Now, if I read them one at a time or wait until they are all released, hmm… that is a question for another day.

Links to two articles, one from the publisher (TOR) and one from the author (Brandon Sanderson) below;

Final note on all this, and it is maybe beside the point, but as I have read a lot of these books, I have many, many, many series that are half finished since the authors have not finished them yet. One of the big ones is the George R.R. Martin series A Song of Ice and Fire. Martin is a great author, but not a quick one. The last book came out 4 years ago I believe, and left a lot of people hanging as not all of the major characters were even mentioned there. As a result of this, and the ongoing delays to the release of the next book, a storm of activity has popped up online but for and against him. I have seen this for other authors, including authors who have only released one book, but who have fanatic followers. A lot of people think that these authors should do nothing but write the series that they love, to the exclusion of all else, food, sleep, sports, vacation, and family included. I think this is foolish. I would much rather wait for a good book, rather than get some third-rate dribble quickly… and anyway there is much else to do than sit and wait (and blog) about how long it is taking someone to finish a book. Plenty of other good authors out there, and a pretty large world outside of the covers of books, to keep you busy.

Anyway, that be my two cents on this. As you can tell, this is a topic that interests me, and not cause I am a writer (although I would love to have the time to spend trying to write), but as a fan of books.


Some more postings from the Inter-blog-a-tweet-a-scape… The comments in most of these are the most interesting. Lots o’ milk needed for the all the cats fighting out there.

Sweet story…

The Mining Journal reports that Susan Goodrich died eleven hours after giving birth to her son Charles. Her husband Robbie considered feeding Charles with banked donor milk, but was told that it would be days before it could arrive.

In the meantime, Goodrich received a phone call from family friend Laura Janowski of Marquette, who was still nursing her fourth child, 1-year-old Emily. In her message, Janowski offered Goodrich to nurse Moses.

“That’s when it clicked in my head,” he said. “I wanted the baby to be nursed. That’s something that Susan would have wanted.”

One thing led to another when family friend Nicoletta Fraire of Marquette began organizing a group of women who may want to help feed Moses.

“Basically, a couple of phone calls were enough,” she said. “I just had to leave my name and phone number and calls started to come in.”

She also made contact with Sally Keskey, founder of the Yooper Nursers – a local breast feeding support group. Within a brief time, nearly 20 women were found who offered to breast-feed Moses. Many of them belong to the support group and had never met the Goodrich family before…

A schedule was put together with feeding times at 9 a.m., noon, 1:30 , 4 , 6:30 and 8 p.m. Six times a day a different mother has been feeding Moses for the past two months. During the night, Goodrich bottle-feeds his son breast milk that was pumped by the women.

I should be posting about…

  • Trip to Malaysia
  • Photos from Malaysia
  • New Pickle Pie Photos
  • The fact that we no longer have the beemer, but a Lexus RX instead
  • Updated book reviews from past months

But instead I am posting about a book. Ok, it could be part of the last bullet point, but I neither own this book, nor have read it, but I have heard nothing but good things about it. Yes, it is fantasy. It has gotten such good press and reviews from the general blogosphere, that I will have to read it at some point, but with Mum Mum not working, pay cuts and general stuff, buying books is lower on my list of priorities than say a cookie monster puppet (don’t ask).

Anyhoo, for anyone interested, here is the first chapter or so (I believe) in case anyone cares, oh and it is also so that I will remember to read this excerpt when I get a chance!

The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett (Sneak Preview)

0.2 teeth plus another on the way

Plus, she’s mobile (tho not crawling) and yakky. More and more like the cat. Still greets her Nana and Grandpa (Dadawa’s parents) and Ama and Kong Kong (my parents) with big smiles and giggles. Almost 20 pounds. Longer hair, but still not too much of it.

We are in the process of childproofing, and side projects abound.

Pics to come.