A Giant has passed…

The gentle bear, Pickle Pie’s Paladin, and protector of Crooms has passed. A better dog than a lot of men I know, a true and loyal friend, and a sweet hearted soul Kio has moved on to bright planes.

It was not unexpected. The poor boy was diagnosed with bone cancer several months ago, but fought valiantly all along, until his breathing started to become labored late last week, and today the time was right. I am glad I got to know Kio, to have taken care of him while my parents were out of town, to run with him through Memorial park, to keep him from attacking the local raccoon and squirrel population of the park, and to simply hang out with him.

Although I was forced to head to the airport before Ivy, our vet arrived, he went smoothly, having said his goodbyes to family, feline and human alike. Pickle Pie was present and was calm throughout. After he made his passage out of this plane, Pickle Pie let out a huge laugh, which to me signifies many things, not the least that he is happy with the decision, that he was ready for it, and I truly believe he will always keep an eye out for my little girl, even when I am not always able to.

Today has been a very emotional day for the whole family, so understand if we don’t reply to calls or emails quickly, but losing, for me, a younger brother is not an easy thing. Having lived with animals basically all my life, except for when I was in London, it never gets easier.

He will be fondly remembered by all, and the squirrels will rest more peacefully tonight, although they may be the only ones who do.

I wish I could be at home with my family tonight, but instead I am in a hotel outside of DC, getting ready to kick-off my third project in as many weeks, so must console myself with a beer, and this not so brief post.

Anyway, the focus here is not me, but my dear friend who I will see no more, at least while I am awake. Goodnight Kio. Sleep tight my friend. You deserve the rest.