6-month checkup and vax

Same 3 shots and oral vaccines as 2 months ago, but the visit was less torture this time, perhaps because she is more aware and easier to comfort. Sweet Norbs gave the nurse and the doc big smiles after crying (through her sad-red brows, eyes, and nose).

We ran shopping errands with Nana yesterday, and she made at least 10 friends in 3 hours. The ring sling really gets people talking. That, and how smiley she is. Pickle Pie, not Nana.

Oh, and stats: 17.25 lbs, 26.25 inches head to heel, and 17.25 inches around the noggin (respective percentiles: 75, 70, 80).

Retirement is great, but busy.

Get ready for green POOP!

Ain’t technology great?

I am in a cab on my way to the airport and yet I am online with my laptop posting about Norbles, who just had her first taste of food. Having just turned 6 months we felt it appropriate… and she certinaly has been ready for a while!

I won’t delay you anymore… here is the proof…

Oh, and it seems I might be able to link directly to the high definition versions… just need to investigate how (Thanks Rakesh! :))

Quick note…

about the NVB’s… If you click on the movie, it will take you to YouTube… and then just below the video on YouTube will be a link for the high definition version of the video. unfortunately I can’t link to them from here… so you will just have to click through and check it out for yourself!

Right, Right Right…

That was my cab drivers favourite saying. He was certainly the most entertaining cabbie I have had in a long time and I will be sure to use him again.

He actually was a programmer back in the days, working for Compaq, but was WFR’d following the acquisition by HP. He had a lot of stories about saving people, and people nearly blowing their brains out in his cab. As I say… entertaining.

I also figured that if your flight is codeshared with an airline you have a frequent flyer number with… then ask them to add it, even if it was not part of the initial booking (like mine… silly travel system). It earned me an upgrade to business, a decent seat, a free beer, and free food on a Delta flight… all of which I appreciated.

I am now up in chilly upstate NY, and will not be home till Frida. Luckily, I have some vigilant neighburs helping keep Mum Mum and Pickle Pie in line!

Anyway, din din time for me. More later… If I have the time and energy… must do more work upon my return, and must stufy for that silly PMP exam. Sigh

Back to work…

… for pretty much the whole year for me (excepting public holidays and the trip to Malaysia in Feb), but only 7 days left for Mum Mum, who will be retiring from active office work to become a full time Pickle Pie minder.

I am easing back into the swing of things at work, as you can see by the previous video blog (although I am now eating lunch at my desk getting ready for my next call). I don’t expect the easing in period to last as there are several projects that could each take-off at the same time.

Christmas break was a nice one. I spent lots of time with little Pickle Pie. I rearranged my office completely (and pretty proud of the outcome). I spent a lot of time cleaning and recleaning the kitchen before and after gatherings… but was happy to do so. Ohhh, and I baked Banana Nut Bread for the first time, and it was a hit with everyone (at least that is what they tell me, and no one seems to have gotten ill due to it).

Anyhoo… back to work for me, or back to eating lunch… oh whatever!