Happy Holidays from the Geehan clan here in Houston, especially the Bissy branch.

Granted, it there is still about 20 minutes to go here in Houston, but Mum Mum and Pickle Pie are in bed, as is Sherwin who is staying with us for a couple of days. Had dinner at home with Lourdes and Joe, then headed to my parents for a drink and some nibbles. Then home where everyone (well nearly everyone) went to bed. Dishes are done, bottles, caps and nipples are all clean, and the food is all stored away… yup Dadawa did all that.

Anyhoo… Hope everyone gets what they want for the holidays, or at least likes and appreciates what they get, and have.

Oh, and one or two new photos added to Pickle Pie’s latest gallery…

Pickle Pie Month 5

Captions still to come, but heck it is almost Christmas… Time to hit the sack before Kris Kringle drops by… if we have all been good that is! 🙂

human fluid/tissue donation

I have begun the process of becoming a breast milk donor. I have mixed feelings about giving up my “stash,” but if I can do this, the good feelings of having helped someone (someone, anyone! I want to help!!) will outweigh the sadness at seeing the milk go.

Not sure whether it will be going to a formal milk bank or directly to another family via a milk-sharing network.

It’s true, though, as someone in a forum I read posted: I never thought I would be that attached to anything inanimate. Other than bourbon. (Kidding.)

Early Spring Cleaning?

Although it is impossible to tell the season based on Houston weather these days, what with it being 75\’b0F one day and 45\’b0F the next, but this weekend I got a head start on spring cleaning.

Okay, my motivations were not ‘oh lets clean my closet in preparation for a new year’, they were more ‘dammit, I can hardly get into the closet with all the dirty clothes on the floor. Best clean before I have nothing to wear!’

Well, the result was the same… Laundry all done and to top it off I rearranged my closet, disposing of well over a third of the clothes I have been hanging onto for ages, yet never wearing. It really feels nice doing so, and I don’t even feel the need to go out and replace any of the items I am giving up!

Crazy Houston Weather…

Current Temp 48\’b0F

Monday, Dec 15
Cooler with a little rain
Low: 35 \’b0F High: 64 \’b0F

Tuesday, Dec 16
More Details Cloudy, a shower; colder
Low: 46 \’b0F High: 48 \’b0F

Wednesday, Dec 17
More Details Warmer with periods of sun
High: 75 \’b0F Low: 66 \’b0F

… and it was in the 70’s yesterday… Coming to Houston? Pack for all temperatures!!!

Pickle Pie fourth month vet… I mean Doctor… visit!

Poor little thing was very much not happy!

Pickle Pie is now 15 pounds and 8 ounces. which is in the 75 percentile.
Pickle Pie is now 25 inches long, which is in the 70 percentile.
Pickle Pie’s head is now 16.5 inches round, which is in the 75 percentile.

Essentially she is growing really well… which is great.

She now also has two extra holes in her legs (one on each) for the vaccinations she got today. She also showed the nurse her amazing tongue control ability by pushing the first dose of the oral vaccine out, then spitting out the second one when the nurse tried again. Unfortuanately, poor little Pickle Pie was overwhelmed by the forces of evil in this instance, and was forced to swallow the evil liquid. CURSES!

We are now back home, Pickle Pie has had something to eat and is now resting with her mum upstairs while dad is back at work. Sigh.