Photo Time!

So it has been a long time since I last posted photos. What has been happening since the last set?

  • We took a roadtrip to Austin, we met Santiago and saw how much Gabe has grown, and Pickle Pie got a Berimbau
  • I took a trip to DC for a couple of days, missing our anniversary as I previously have mentioned
  • Oh yeah, and Pickle Pie moved into her fifth month and turned into a Vampire Baby!

Photos added under the following slideshows…

Pickle Pie Month 5

Pickle Pie – Month Four (aka 2nd Quarter Begins!)

Trip to Austin

Four months old today

Dadawa should be posting the last of some Month Four photos soon, which means I get to enjoy them at work.

Pickle Pie’s such a happy baby, and although she has some bad days, it seems “fussy” for her is crying for more than a minute or two more than 3-4 times a day.

She’s wearing 6- to 9-month-old sizes now, partly because (we’ll get the official stats next Wednesday at the doc’s) she’s fitting about 15 pounds of cuteness into about 25 inches of length. Big ol haid, but we haven’t measured it.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


My last day in SciPubs at M. D. Anderson will probably be January 15. I will be leaving to work for Pickle Pie, Cammie, Dadawa, and myself.

I wonder if I will still use the series comma.

The morning of the 16th, 2009, I will wake up, and …
I know it’s not an indefinite vacation, but there is an inner voice claiming that this path is the lazy way out. I do not want to overfill my days building launch pads of high expectations (sewing! cooking! capoeira! music! art! productivity!) that will really lead to disappointment, but I also want to do enough to deserve Dadawa’s part of this sacrifice. Full-time motherhood is a luxury for me, in that it is something I want, and I wouldn’t be able to afford it on my own.

I can’t remember a time when I was this anxious about an upcoming date. It isn’t just the extent to which I think I’ll be able to get the house and my own life running in a more satisfying way than ever, or about not “having” to do anything in particular (is that freedom?). It’s not about a career decision or motherhood, either, I think.

But I have been waiting for a change like this for a decade? forever? I don’t know how this very big thing has snuck up on me. But I can look at my wall calendar and see that January 16 is very, very soon.

Rollygirl and the moo machine from outer space

This week has been made more complicated by Dadawa’s being away, the treacherous construction-perverted traffic and rainy weather, and my laptop being stupid.

All these add up to my not being able to handle HHA business as thoroughly as I would like, the morning and evening routine being completed by one person instead of two, and … more uninteresting drudgery.

On the fun side of that coin, Pickle Pie surprised both herself and me last night by rolling onto her stomach and elbows on her own. It happened in the blink of an eye, and she was so stunned that I had to start enthusiastically congratulating her (after taking a sec to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing) before she could realize this was all good and the YAY-WOW-ha-HAAA face was called for.

So, there in her crib, she proto-crawled (cute! scary!) until her neck got tired (I think) and she realized she was stuck, not knowing how to get out of that position after 3 long minutes of being in it. Before her throat-clearing became crying, I rolled her back. Happiness and a call to tell Daaad were next.

Also, when she’s seeing me off to work from her Nana’s arms, she seems to really enjoy hearing the zipping up that my motorcycle commuter suit requires, and we also play a modified peekaboo with the helmet.


Woooo… We made it through year one!

We have a lovely little Norbles and Wabbles at home.

We had a reservation at a nice local Steakhouse for dinner tonight. Mum Mum’s parents lined up to babysit the little one while we go out… and then…

… I get on a call on Thursday and one of the sales guys tells a vendor that ‘the whole team will be onsite in DC next week.’ Furiously sending IM’s to my boss and sure enough, without checking with us all we were assigned to travel up to work on sales docs. Granted it is a huge deal, but I am typing this from an office in Bethesda, MD, and am not at home with my wife, child, and cat!



Will be home as soon as I can!


Wednesday night Pickle Pie was to get a bath… I set everything up as per usual. Mum Mum brings her up after her latest snack at the Moo Machine and I take over.

Warm water… check

Naked baby… check

Towel, and sundry items required to clean Pickle Pie… check

SO I get Pickle Pie into the bath and she is happy enough. She then starts to blow bubbles and then decides it would be fun to clean her system into the water. We pick her up, rinse her off and I hold onto her while Mum Mum replaces the water. As I am holding her she lets another little poop go, (which was the cork) and then dumps a load of poop onto the floor by the way of my hand. Sigh.

We clean up that mess with me standing in the bathtub to get us both rinsed off, then back to the Pickle Pie bath. And off we go again… another poop. We rinse off, again, replace the water, again, then finally get her back in and get her washed.

After the bath I dry her off, put some lotion on her dry skin and then go to put her diaper on… and she pees all over herself and the diaper.

We then go back to the bath, rinse her off again, and then dry her off and finally get her dressed. By this time she is very NOT happy and I hand her over to her mum for comfort and food!

Phew… that was a lot of poop!

Book List

On its way to recovery. The page is back up, and the ‘pod’ on the right menu bar of what we are reading is soon to follow. Still plenty of work to do but still, getting back to usual!