Two photos for your enjoyment… Sunrise over Bissonnet, and the funny Monkey…

Three of the four grandparents have been over today (Lourdes taking care of Pickle Pie here today) and they suprised me with a little monkey! She be cute right? Think we will have to keep her!!!

PS… More photos on Pickle Pie – Month Four Slideshow

Book list updates?

If you are interested, you will have seen I seem to have been stuck reading the same book for weeks. Not quite true… I just have not updated the page, and with good reason. I have a stack of books I need to add to the list (both read and unread) and I will be adding the capability for Mum Mum to have her own list… which will require me to rebuild the book list functionality… which will take a little while. Started work on it, but will be a little while before it is live.

Update: So I just turned off the pod for the current book… you can still get to the book list, but not what I am reading right now!


Was a busy one, with us going to Raka’s Mundan on Saturday afternoon, and then to Carol’s open house at the studio (where she sold 3 paintings while we were there!)

Sunday I went to golf at Memorial where the course kicked my ass… big time! First par was on the 16th hole, and I think I hit the fairway a total of 2 or 3 times in the whole round. Sigh. Back to the range when I can get a chance.

While I was golfing Mum Mum and Pickle Pie went shopping with the maternal grandparents, then we all had dinner at Crooms Cafe. Back home, put the little one to bed and then crashing, getting up early Monday for my 7am call (which was postponed… but no one thought to tell me, sigh).

One funny story from early last week. Both Mum Mum and I have a habit of waking up in the middle of the night thinking that Pickle Pie just fell out of bed. It is generally nothing, and the rest of the time it is Cammie moving around. Well, the other night I felt, what I thought was Pickle Pie, slipping off the side of the bed. I dove to catch her, only to actually wake up and realize it was Wazzles, who needless to say was not happy with me jumping at her while she was moving about. Sigh… It would not be so bad if it didn’t happen at least once maybe twice a week… even when Pickle Pie is sleeping in her crib in the other room. Sigh.

Just to make it clear

The baby turned 3 months old on Saturday, so we are entering Month Four.

She probably weighs 14 pounds now, give or take a diaper’s weight, and is about 24 inches long (or tall).

She is sleeping through the night, usually at least 7 hours straight. She is vocalizing — all the vowels and a few consonants — definitely mimicking the grown-ups who talk to her. We do miss her while we are working. She is not being given solids, i.e., we are still keeping her exclusively on the output of the moo machine. No, she is not walking yet.

Also, she continues to be very loved.

Any other questions? 🙂

9 hours…


Yesterday was a longish day. We were up at 4am with Pickle Pie, who in her defense had just stayed in bed for 7 hours. I changed her, and Mum Mum fed. her. I went back to bed for an hour before getting up to go pick my brother up from the airport. Mum Mum and Pickle Pie did get back to bed for another hour or so, but after picking my brother up I had a coffee at Crooms then headed to Memorial Golf course to try and fit a round in. Took 90 minutes or so to get on and I was not playing well (from the get go!) so I only played 9 holes.

Quietish afternoon before heading to the parents for dinner. After a monster feeding by Pickle Pie finishing just before 8:30pm we headed home were she ate again then went to sleep. We followed shortly behind her. That was at 9:30pm. We then got up to change her and feed her at 6:30 this morning, so a whopping 9 hours later.

Hopefully she will not make up by sleeping little tonight, but she has been consistently sleeping between 6-8 hours over the past week or so.

SUCH a good baby!

Oh Rats!

So on Friday night we ordered sushi from Azuma and took it over to the grandparents (Geehan side) for dinner. After much catching up following first day at day care for Pickle Pie we headed to the park to catch up with Shawn from Capoeira and to watch part of a community show. We caught up, then watched 1 minute or so of the show before heading home… only to find out that the AC on ground and middle floor was out. Luckily it was cooling down and we headed up to bed.

Saturday was spent either on the phone trying to raise someone who could help or running to the airport to drop Lourdes and Joe off. By 5:30 I gave up on calling people but managed to schedule John Moore to come have a look in the morning. Turns out that the fuse in the furnace had blown, and the reason it had blown was that rats were eating the insulation where it went into the house from the outside… and they were potentially climbing into the framing of the house (which explains the scrabling I have heard in the past). Sigh. $260 odd dollars later the AC was rewired and the entry to the house was taped up. Now I have to figure out a longer term solution to insulation eating varmin. Sigh.

Good news is that Pickle Pie has been sleeping well at night, resulting in more awake and capable parents during the day. Day 2 of day care is now underway and apart from a fussy stint, seems to be going well.

More photos to appear online soon, just have to process them from the camera.

No golf this past weekend, but hopefully some next!

Ma to work; baby to Crooms Day Care Center For Loved Grandchildren

That about sums up Friday. It went well for everyone, and no unnecessary tears were shed anywhere.

Pickle Pie continues to sleep well, usually having a stretch of at least 6 hours every night. Wigglebutt sleeps in her own crib, though, mostly so that the moo machine won’t be too groggy to facilitate a quality latch come feeding time. (Although she naps like a champ during the day, it’s impossible to sleep well with Pickle Pie at night from all the limbs flailing.)

Now, we get to see how a full week goes!