Post Ike, Life back to normal

Well, kind of anyway. There are still a load of people without power, some schools have not started back (mainly due to power… at least in the Houston area), lots of traffic lights are still out, which is causing mass chaos at rush hour (and out) as people have no concept of taking turns at a downed light as if it was a four-way stop sign. Sigh.

Little Pickle Pie has recovered from the torture she was put through last Thursday on her two month anniversary, and is typically doing really well at night. She can average anywhere between 5 and 7 hours sleep (or downtime) overnight which is helping us get a little more rest. Some nights are better than others, but still… progress.

She is able to hold her head up pretty well now, but still cannot lift herself up off her belly using her arms yet. Her legs are another matter… She has always been a wiggly baby and her legs are generally pumping nearly all the time (even in sleep). The result is that she has really strong legs. If we hold her up she can hold about 80% of her weight so is more leaning on our arms for support than anything. Could be that she will decide to skip crawling and will go straight to walking… who knows.

On another front, I did manage to play golf this weekend. Wildcat was hit quite hard by the storm and although the course is in great condition, the clubhouse was fairly badly hit. Tarp all over the roof, no carpet anywhere and I believe they were running on a generator. Golf itself was good. Couple of blowup holes but still managed a 92, which for me on the lakes course is a great score.

I have been delinquent on uploading new photos, but I will get on that soon… hopefully later today or tonight.

More to follow…

Poor Pickle Pie, full of holes…

…the nurse has immunized thee (5 shots and 1 oral dose); blessed art thou among infants, and blessed is the fruit of science, Infants’ Tylenol, which comforts thee.

In other news, she weighs 11 pounds and 7 ounces, is 23 inches long, and has a 15.25-inch head.

And the rash that might have been caused by a virus has faded a lot.

UPDATE: 1st October – Photographic proof added…

On the road…

But still getting a Pickle Pie fix!

Mum Mum sent a couple of photos yesterday, and while we were talking she put me on speakerphone and Pickle Pie, who was fussing at the time, seemed to settle a little when she heard my voice… freaky!


Drooling on mum be fun!!!

Burrito Baby

More photos to come soon, including a couple from just after Ike hit.

back on the grid

Bissy has power. And internet. Gas never stopped working. Tap water is safe. Ahhhhh.

And Verizon is a wonderful cellphone company to be with. One month’s free service for those Ike hit “to thank our customers and show them we care even if we can’t physically be there.”

Ike and Arrogant Individual…

…so it is now nearly 5 days since Ike took a stroll through South East Texas on his way north. Texas is still recovering with downed trees and limbs still lying on the side of the road as they have been cut up and moved out of the road in most situations.

People are still going a little crazy, queueing up all over the place for ice, food, and especially gas. People either were really not ready for this, or they are completely incapable of surviving without power and A/C.

We still do not have power at home and with the latest status being that the power company is going round making the quick large fixes they can then returning to trouble spots later, we may be without power for a while. The other night, when Mum Mum and Pickle Pie spent the night at a family friends house, I stayed at home. Around 2:30am the power came on for about 30 seconds to a minute, went out and then came on breifly again. The second time we heard a bang which sounded oddly like a transformer blowing out, and since then nothing. Not even much signs of the power company… that makes us think we are in the latter situation of being a ‘trouble spot’

Given that the world around us is still ongoing I needed to get online to get some work done, and we have a raft of electronics that needed to be recharged. Hence trekking up to highjack an office in the Cy Fair Cancer Center. On our way up we had a funny encounter. With power out the traffic lights are out too so intersections become more crowded. On Kirby there is a filter lane for people to turn left on. This guy went through the lights in front of us then wanted to take a left, but instead of going into the filter lane he was in the left most active lane.

I then honked at him as he was blocking my lane then I went around him.

He proceeded to jam on the accelerator and pull up beside us on our right (I guess he was not in a rush to take the left).

There was a back and forward were we were telling him to use the filter lane and he was shouting at us that it was an emergency (hence why he followed us I guess) and proceeded to swear at us before calling us an ‘arrogant individual’ before peeling off to move to the lane where he could take a left again. There is more to it, but that is the jist of it… just a very weird reaction… and a symptom of how some people are acting after the storm. Overall the community has really pulled together, but some seem to be unravelling at the edges… lets hope either power is restored or that they go and jump off the closest bridge into the Bayou!

I will have photos online soon… probably tomorrow, but don’t have the memory card with me! Lets hope that power comes back although it has not really bothered either Mum Mum, Pickle Pie, Cammie nor I too much, but having a working fridge and freezer would be nice!

Hurricane Ike…

Came inland just East of Galveston Bay, south of Houston on Friday night. We started to get the wind in the afternoon and it got steadily got worse over night. We finally lost power at a little after 4am.

Our area had minor damage, none serious structural damage, and no broken windows in our house or any in the complex that we know of.

Anne is out of town, but her house has power and she was kind enough to let us stay here tonight… Pickle Pie was getting fussy.

Updates and photos when I can get power at home.

Some important firsts (pics to come later)

Yesterday, Pickle Pie and I met Mary and Kio at Memorial Park and enjoyed a pleasant two hours snapping photos of the baby’s First Park Outing. Once it got a tad too warm for comfort, we dropped the pup off at Crooms and headed over for Pickle Pie’s First Starbucks Trip.

She was miffed she only got coffee cake secondhand.

Soon, baby, soon.

Also, she wore a teeny baby camp shirt from Uncle Sherwin and accompanied me to PetSmart for her First Cammiefood Run.

In the afternoon, I tossed the kiddo back into her dad’s furry arms, jumped on the motorcycle for the forst time since we saw two pink lines (so good to be back!), dropped off a fecal sample at the vet’s (Miss Wazz’s innards are parasite-free), and went to MD Anderson, where I got my return-to-work plan set up (October 10). Long day!

Long time no photos…

Yeah, it has been a while… but I have just added a whole load of photos to the Pickle Pie – Month TWO! gallery. Here is a snapshot of one of the photos… which we took for her passport application (yup she will need her own passport to travel internationally. No more traveling on parents passport!)

So what has been going on? Well…

  • Sherwin came down for a long weekend over labor day. He got to meet, cuddle with and spend loads of time with Pickle Pie. Think my brother is getting jealous as he may be planning on another trip down soon. Over the weekend we all sat down to watch the movie Jumper, and Pickle Pie spent the whole movie napping on Sherwin’s chest… she kept sliding down so instead of repositioning her, Sherwin joined her in the slide and ended up almost horizontal on the sofa.
  • Over the weekend I did head out and play some more golf, and surprisingly did not do too badly. Shot a 94, and with a couple of blow out holes that could have been a lot lower… starting with 3 pars in a row certainly helps.
  • Pickle Pie is growing, and is putting on weight at a good rate. She is also starting to sleep more at night, actually going 6 hours between feedings last night. Granted, she did need a diaper change midway through the night, but still… progress!! On Monday night she took a huge feeding after we got back from a meeting Mum Mum had to go to and while she was cuddling with me after she decided that she was not impressed with the vintage of the house white she had just had so she spewed it all up over my shirt. I have no issues with being puked on by her… but the amount of liquid that came out was incredible. My whole shirt was soaked! Needless to say we both went upstairs and I gave her a quick bath, which she enjoyed (she especially loves getting her head washed).
  • Other than that we are seeing time tick by, getting closer to the time when Mum Mum will have to head back to work… which none of us are looking forward to, and I am still busy at work… normally up for a 6:30am call. It is a daily call, but I overslept today so missed it! oh well!

    Hurricane Ike is already in the gulf coast and is looking like it will hit in the Corpus Christi area (south of Galveston). This will mean we will get hit with the dirty side of the storm which will likely mean lots of rain and wind… but fingers crossed it is nothing too serious. Not that I want anyone else to get hit by it, but I prefer it hits somewhere other than where we are!

  • Difficult people (not that I’m easy)

    While up with the pretty baby monkeybutt wiggleworm, I wrapped up some of my nonprofit work and sent off two painfully long emails (I was trying to explain so, so, so much without creating more miscommunication) as follow-up to an upsetting incident from the board meeting earlier that night.

    What I really wanted to write was, “Dude, WTF?”

    Or maybe, “Perhaps if you told your doctor about the produce lodged in your rear, he or she could do something about it so we could all get along better. Meaning… so you could not act like an insecure and hypersensitive, crotchety donkey.”

    But I didn’t write that at all. I wasn’t even thinking the latter thoughts when it was all happening. I was just stunned at the vitriol.

    Whoever wants specifics will have to call me in person. Only if you don’t know any of the other parties involved will you get juicy details. See? That’s how good I’m being.

    postpartum checkup

    Got the all-clear to resume exercising (despite strong urges, I haven’t managed to yet), motorcycle-riding (I’ll wait until I’ve gotten more fit, just in case), and intercourse (uhhhm…errrr…ahem…right) as well as taking the pill (not needed jussst yet) from the doc, with a caution to watch my own limits.

    I’ve gotten my first haircut since the wedding and had my annual vision checkup. Also should have some spiffy Rx sunglasses on the way.

    The wee one is about 10 pounds now and has outgrown her smallest NB (newborn) size outfits, although the size 0-3 month ones are a little bit roomy yet.

    Looking forward to the long-postponed CPR review class tomorrow.

    Mister Dadawa owes the bloggity an update from Sherbie’s visit. Also got a new computer.