Month two begins…

So we have had Pickle Pie at home for a month now, or at least she has been with us for over a month… This past weekend we had my brother Kieran come visit for the weekend, and he seemed to have a great time playing with her… except when she started to cry. This coming weekend we have Mum Mum’s brother Sherwin coming for the long weekend, so Pickle Pie is getting to meet all the immediate family, which is cool.

Last night we dropped by for Ananya’s 4th birthday party. I agreed to run out and get the balloons from the local party store, but never paused to figure out how easy it would be to get the photos in the car…

Over the weekend we also went to my parents for my mum’s birthday and then hosted a quiet dinner with the parents. Mucho photos of each online. The new albums added are;

Pickle Pie – Month TWO!

Ananya's Fourth Birthday Party

Finally, I did get back out on the golf course this past weekend. Was not expecting much, so hitting my first drive long and straight, then my second shot straight (just a little past the hole), then just missing a birdie putt, I was feeling pretty good. Did not always work out that well but did claw out a 95, which I am impressed at given the tough course (Highlands at Wildcat) and my not having practised for over a month. Guess it is all down hill from here on out!

One Month Later…

Celebrated her one month anniversary today. We actually brought her over to Ananya’s 4th birthday party but kept her away from other kids and most adults.

More updates, and plenty of photos to come, including;

  • Dadawa goes back to golf
  • Photos from the weekend including a visit from Uncle Kieran
  • How many balloons can you fit in a BMW?

    Just a little tired tonight to put anymore photos online… tomorrow hopefully.

    Oh, and congrats to Adam and Erika for setting a date… just gotta figure out how we can try to make it out there next year!

  • Pickle Pie gets styled…

    So we washed Pickle Pie’s hair for the first time today. Before we had just rinsed it off with water but we did the full on wash today. The little one actually seemed to really enjoy it, or maybe it was just the attention she was enjoying. Anyhoo, afterwards we styled her hair and she posed for us…

    More photos under the first month photo slideshow

    More Photos…

    Finally I have gotten around to uploading more. One reason I have not until now is due to the fact that I have wanted to move over to the Google Picasa slideshow functionality, which is pretty slick. I like!

    I have left the old galleries active until I manage to upload all of them into the Picasa system, but until then, here are some of the galleries of little Pickle Pie…

    Pickle Pie's Birth day

    Pickle Pie – the Hospital Stay

    Pickle Pie – The First Week

    Pickle Pie – The First Month


    Yay! the umbilical cord stump finally fell off. I think the whole family is glad of it.

    Looking forward to next:

    \’95 2-month immunizations and being freer to meet people and go out

    \’95 greater head stability

    2-week pedi visit

    Pickle Pie is up to 7 pounds 6 ounces, up over a pound since her last visit. To her doctor, this means she’s doing well enough that her parents CAN LET HER SLEEP AS LONG AS SHE WANTS TO DURING THE NIGHT.

    Please allow me to clarify: The girl is awesome enough that just will over 2 weeks after being born, she will NOT require her parents to wake her every 3 hours at night. During the day, we will still need to make sure she eats every 3 hours…and being granted permission to let her sleep doesn’t mean she will…but…boy, was that the best news from the doc today or what?

    She’s still 20 inches long, and her haid isn’t any bigger, although it sure looks it.

    Oh, and she held a bunch of pee until I set her on the doc’s scale. Puddle-girl’s got some freakin great timing and knows how to make her dad laugh.

    Next visit: when she’s 2 months old.

    Picasa Test

    So I am not particularly happy with the default slideshow software that comes with this blog so I am looking at alternatives… Picasa is looking like a really solid option… Here are some photos from when she was born…

    I will be looking to move the rest of the photos over to these slideshows and creating a page to include a link to these in it… So more to come!

    P –> N

    Two weeks after being born, baby has finally outgrown the “Preemie” size diapers we had to use when “Newborn” size ones kept slipping off her skinny ass.

    Monday, we have another pediatrician’s appointment and will get a new official length and weight.

    Now if we could just get her to calm down when I need to reset her latch…

    Damn mutant breeders

    The exterminators came out today, represented by a contrite, white-haired man with a be-casted broken ankle using a walker (because of his build and age, perhaps crutches were not an option), who has had a recent spate of rough-ish luck (wife needed heart surgery, but the operation went well, and she is out of the ICU as of a day ago).

    I brought him down some of the critters I’d “saved” on our bathroom floor to keep him from having to hike upstairs. After much examination, he wasn’t sure if we had ourselves termites or ants, because although he thought the bodies were termite-like, the wings were far too short. I offered to fetch him some more samples on tape and paper, and he accepted. When I came back downstairs, he had decided.

    What I thought were “swarmers” are actually “breeder” Pharoah ants. The good news is that this type of ant is easy to control, and the breeders of the species don’t bite. The bad news is that they are breeders. (They are SO into breeding that they don’t even care about food or water.)

    He will come back to spray the side of our home they probably entered on, and he left behind a spray and some traps that he said work really well. Blobby-daddy will be arriving home a few hours earlier than expected, so he will take care of that.

    I will go clean up the danged mess I made when I berzerked on the bugs. Camila will be very pleased.