Pickle Pie is home…

After 2 days in the hospital after the birth, we braved the real world with the little Pickle Pie Lee and headed home on Sunday night. After a tough night where no one got much sleep, we have started to fall into a routine and so has Pickle Pie.

We had the first Pediatrician’s appointment on Tuesday, and although she had lost a little more weight than they want (it is normal for a new born to burn off a lot of their fat in the first couple days, but when they start getting milk it should go back on fairly quickly) she is in good health. We have a follow-up on Friday but she seems to be settling in very well. Cammie is also adapting and is not too put out by the little one, which is great.

I have uploaded a selection of the photos that we have taken since her birth. They are in no real order… mainly cause the slideshow software that comes with this blog does not allow me to order them… may have to switch soon. Anyhoo… here are the photos – Pickle Pie Lee – The Early Days

Blobby is now…

well, as Niamh, my young cousin has let slip in a comment to the previous post (not that it is a secret!!!), we now have a name…

Pickle Pie

Mum Mum and the little Pickle Pie will be released from hospital later today and will be coming home!!!

More updates and photos when everyone is safely home.

A new generation begins…

As some of you may know Mum Mum was entering the 38th week of the pregnancy yesterday and has been ready to pop for a little while. I was up in new Jersey all week, getting home at 10:30 Thursday night. We were in bed before midnight but up again just after two am… Mum Mum’s water broke!

After an exhausting 20 hour plus labor Mum Mum gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 22:42 CDT on July 25th 2008. Both mother and daughter are doing well and will be returning home in the next couple of days. Before you ask, no we have not decided upon a name yet, but will do soon.

I will be spending most of my time over the next day or so at the hospital and can be reached on my mobile at 832.277.5211

Here is is a photo of a young, very curious girl, who as soon as she was born was able to make solid eye contact and who was intrigued by all the big folk looking in on, and looking after her…

Certainly a lot of photos to come in the coming days, weeks, months and years.

Lappies losing its mind

HP Lappies decided that the week that I am travelling and need it to take notes on it (it is a funky tablet PC) and of course it decides now is a good time for the harddrive to start to fail. It all started on the plane on Monday morning and has not stopped since. Takes the lappie over 30 mins to boot and longer if I want to do anything with it.

Turns out that the harddrive has some bad blocks (as opposed to happy or good blocks?!) and it is on its last leg. I am getting the same error in the event log every 7-8 seconds… which can’t be helping things!

Only fix that I have found is a new harddrive, which luckily is on order now. That still leaves me with a machine that barely works and I need to type up all the session notes from the day on it. I went to Best Buy after leaving the site and got an external drive so that I can back everything up just in case the whole thing dies on me before I get home and I am backing it up now. Although I am typing this from the lappie and it is ok… seems that as long as I do not hibernate or power it down I may be ok… fingers crossed I do no experience a blue screen of death! And if I do, then I have a client customer I should be able to use to type any notes up on. Sigh… never easy is it?!

check one

First of the weekly appointments was today. All is well.

Also, today was SciPubs’ last day in the HMB. We will be in the new faculty tower now, and although my office will not have the detritus of decades ground into the carpet and walls, I will have a less interesting view. Dadawa took some shots that illustrate my point.

Nonetheless, the natural light is what I value more than the view, cos we -are- talking about an office where I -will- get work done.

Or at least where I will try really hard to get work done until Blobby makes that impossible.

Good night!

Late night work…

Last night was fairly productive for me. We went over to Neybors house to help resolve some technical issues and for Mum Mum to be fed. Sherri then tried to help me install the car seat but somehow Mum Mum, with her mac and cheese, jumped into the car while we were looking at the instruction manual and installed the damned thing herself. Sigh.

I then went off to restock booze supplies then went to the court house to try and reschedule my court date (for speeding ticket and failure to show insurance ticket). I actually was lucky and got in to see a judge very quickly and got the insurance one dismissed and the speeding ticket reset for 90 days, to allow me to take defensive driving… which will take that one off my record. From there I headed over to my parents place to check that the mattress we have for the craddle fits… which it does. Off to Kroger for some late night grocery shopping. Back home to try and pack up the hospital bags for Mum Mum and for me. While all this errand running was going on Mum Mum was working… which she did most of last night, and Cammie was helping her organize her papers, was acting as a drill sargent, trying to get her inline and trying to get her to bed, and also acted as an alarm clock when needed. All this was very stressful on the poor cat as you can see below, and she has disappeared off to bed this morning and I doubt I will see her all day!

Why have two showers… when you can have 3?!

Mum Mum’s department were kind enough to host a little shower for us yesterday afternoon. The last time I was there it was for the shower prior to the wedding and they are right in the middle of packing up for a move to their new building (happening this week/weekend).

Got some very nice gifts. Mum Mum certainly has some very nice people in her department even if they were not all there!

Here are the photos of the shower… Baby Shower – MDACC

Getting set up

The showers are done, so we spent 2 hours at Babies R Us last night picking up the rest of the items we think we’ll be using. Once home, after our lovely Chick-fil-a dinner, I finished up by shopping online at a Amazon, BabyCenter Store, and Target.

It was good to get all everything brought home or ordered, in the sense that we want to minimize our inconvenience to ourselves later, but for now, I think these things wear Dadawa and me out a little. Guess that means we’re definitely not having any of that “nesting” craziness going on.

Our to-do list still has a few chores left: organizing what we had been using as a linen closet to use for the baby stuff (and putting all the linens somewhere elsewhere), doing the first load of baby laundry, setting up the car seat with Sherri, and maybe a few other things I can’t remember right now.