Baby Shower Photos…

Friday night was a quiet night I seem to remember as we were gearing up for the weekend.

Saturday morning we had the first baby shower (the Houston one… we will be having another in Beaumont in a couple of weeks) and it went really well. Lots of good people, plenty of fabuloustic gifts from people, good lunch from one of my fav places, and a great cake. Many thanks to Host Sherri, to Mum Mum’s mum who helped Sherri out and to everyone who came along. A selection of the photos that my mum took are now online… I am sure more will be posted when I get ’em!

Shower Photos

Aminal Photos…

Dominated by the one and only Wazzwa!!!

Mind Control Part Deux

Who be the pretty cat in the window… oh, it is Moi!

First that idiot (Dadawa) steps on my toy,
now he locks it in a glass case…
hmmm… very X-Men… could this be Magneto in there?

Mandatory flump quota for the day achieved

It ain’t cute woman… I am NOT a salad!!


Ok, I have heard of scrapbooking… but crapbooking? Well, either they have a hobby and a book on the hobby for everyone (not matter how weird), or Borders should check the positioning of the books in their clearance department!!!

monday quasi-crap + quid pro quo

BUS-TED: Dadawa’s out of town, and I am still okay walking, so I took the bus to and from work yesterday. Neither bus was the one I wanted, but that’s fine. The line I ride has a tendency to run early/late/early/late, so even if I get to my stop 5 minutes early, I might miss my 9 a.m. ride in and have to wait another 20+ minutes for the next one, which is usually late. The return bus leaves from a transit center, so it leaves no earlier than the time listed on the timetable, which is as it should be. I still got one bus later than I wanted, because I took too long chatting with a coworker on the way out.

DECLINED: From her car, Jenny saw me exiting the bus at Bissonnet and Shepherd, which was neat. Via cellphone, she said she and Eric couldn’t make the shower. She was getting on the highway, so we ended the call.

OWIE + DOH!: Once home, I tried to put my laptop in my bag to bring to Sherri’s, but I missed, and the lappy slid off the bag (on Dadawa’s TV stand), and I -erm- broke its fall to the concrete floor with my left foot. So the corner of the lappy is dented, and my foot is bruised, but neither is totally kaput.

QPQ: At Sherri’s, I helped clean a stained roller in her printer, reset her desktop and screen saver, and with some remote assistance from Blobby-daddy, diagnosed her problem with sending e-mails (AT&T’s outgoing mail server had been down, and they “lied” to her about it). We also figured out where the guy who set her computer up had misspelled her name and fixed that. In return, I got a NICE hamburger and spent some pleasant time writing thank-you notes with Julia (hers for her birthday, mine from the…errr….w e d d i n g).

ZZZ: Turned in early; got a good night’s sleep. With a cuddly cat-batt.

I hope the week picks up…

This past weekend was another fairly busy one… although less so than last weekend. We had dinner and watched a movie with old neighbours of Mum Mum’s (Danny and Chrissy). Good food, good company and a good movie that I had not really heard of before (Persepolis). Saturday the cleaner was at Bissy for most of the morning and afternoon. I did go to a newly restarted Capoeira class at the park… unfortunately it was only me and one other person. Class was cut short although Mestre wanted to talk to me after… long conversation where I had little in input. Saturday night we had the fathers day dinner for both my dad and Joe. Again good food and good company. Sunday morning I played golf but only managed 10 holes as the course was backed up and pace was really slow. I had to leave in order to get ready for the second childbirth class which was interesting and where we got a lot more good info. I had an early night as…

Alarm went off at 4:30 am. Up, get ready, feed the cat (who subsequently managed to convice Mum Mum that I had not fed her, so got a double serving this morning!) then I hit the road to catch my 6:30 am flight to Newark. On the way there I got pulled over and got a ticket for speeding (although I was not speed excessively) and for not having up to date insurance papers (I had forgotten to print them out and store them in the car). Court date for the 22nd where I should be able to present insurance papers to get one dismissed then agree to do defensive driving to get the other dismissed. Sigh, not the way I wanted to start the day.

Flight was uneventful and was onsite by noon (after a conference call was completed in parking lot). Onsite all day and left at 7pm. Dinner then back to hotel. Little work then tried to go down and workout. Treadmill was causing my a little pain in the foot from a previous injury and the cycle machine was annoying me as my foot kept popping off the peddle (yes I know how to use them… it was just broken), so I gave up and came back up to the room.

Luckily I am heading home tomorrow and will look forward to getting back!

a lot happening

Last Friday night, we had a really-the-last dinner with Kat (because Gary was in town for a conference) and Anne at Raven. We got The Strange Waiter, and apart from putting a bread plate on Anne’s hand and my personal bread plate (instead of the table), he did fine. Then, we met up with 6.999-year-old Julia and Sherri and went to Baskin Robbins in the Village for her free birthday scoop. One of the students from the Grupo Cafu wandered in, and Dadawa said hi to him.

Saturday, we finished buying Father’s Day gifts, including stopping by Borders and The Galaxie Jewelers on Sunset (neat place, neat owner) to get some engraved plates for Tom, and a new bag for Cammie to ride around in. We saw two bags that looked the same and opened up one to check it out. Because it was the size of a lunch box and because we had instant visuals of how Miss Wazz would react, it took a second for us to stop laughing, repackage it, and make sure the other option was bigger. Check.

Moving on to Julia’s movie party: Kung-Fu Panda! Fun movie, not as great as expected. Now looking forward to WallE, Hancock, and Wanted. Hot dog for lunch. Lots of squealy kids and slightly odd grown-ups. Home to space out and wrap presents. Dinner with neighbors Roger and Albina. Sweet pup, adorable new daughter, friendly grandpa, and great food and company.

Sunday, Dadawa golfed and I wrote thank-you notes. Dinner at Mayuri with Rakesh, Shonali, and Ananya, days away from the birth of the new baby, which happened this week (congrats!). After touring the new home and getting to dinner, it was much later than any of us realized, so we all went home and crashed.

This week, I had an HHA meeting, a doc’s appt, a Child Care Council meeting, quesadillas and Julia’s “real” mini birthday at the Naybor’s, a class to observe, a nice lunch with Christof (starting a new job Monday, yay!), and a much-needed trip to the grocery store. Also, for the first half of the week, poor Anne’s AC was out, and the tupid home warranty people couldn’t get it fixed until Wednesday (so we had a boarder).

Tonight, we have plans to visit the new Agrawalette at the hospital and then join Danny and Chrissy for dinner at their place. Tomorrow, the housekeepers visit, and then we meet with the parents for Father’s Day dinner (we are celebrating a week late; it’s easier when eating out), and Sunday, we have our final childbirth class.

Next weekend, the Houston baby shower. Two weeks after that, the Beaumont shower.



Basically France did their usual… bad foul and red card early in the game. Difference is that the foul and card also resulted in a penalty… which Italy converted… and it was an uphill battle from there.

But still… overall they really sucked in this tournament. Sigh.

blobbiful update

Went to the doc this morning, and although my stomach is the exact measurement it should be for my stage of pregnancy, to the millimeter, I’m getting a little heavy. Starches are the main culprit, doc says, so cut out sweet drinks and starches whenever I can.

Ehhhh, sorry Shipley’s! (

The good news is that after jabbing into my lower womb with both hands, he deems Blobby to be head-down (good girl!). Also, I’m one of his few patients with no extra risk factors. In fact, he went so far as to say that I was NORMAL.

That’s got to be a first! :p


As the presenter said after the Dutch scored their fourth, yes fourth, goal… “It’s a Dutch oven, and the French are toast!

Yesh, I am referring to Euro 2008. France managed to complete a lackluster draw against Romania and then got blown away in the second half of the game this afternoon against Holland. ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHG

Sigh… Well, technically they are not out of the tournament… If they beat the Italians and Holland manage either a draw or a win against Romania then I believe France can still progress… but the way they have been playing… not sure they deserve to! Sigh.

Unexpected CPR lesson…

So we found out exactly what to do if an infant is choking…

1. Remove mouth and check throat for obstructions…
2. If obstruction cannot be seen or removed, then move on to next step… Remove head and repeat process…

In all seriousness, we did find out some good info from our fab neighbour Sherri (mother of Julia the flowergirl for those who attended the wedding), and we are very glad to have an expert in those things living next door. I provide tech support and she provides life saving skills… wonder who is getting the better deal there!!!