I never…

…saw anyone work like this in Singapore when I was there… and if they were… they were not looking as fresh as these people. Ad does not reflect the very high heat and humidity you have in Singapore year round!

Ikea, a bad night, and lots of online shopping

Met up with a friend who was lost for 2 years to a relationship in Katy, Texas. Afterward, went to Ikea with Anne, and two pallet-carts-full of boxes and a few digits-worth of dollars poorer, she had pretty much taken care of her new furniture needs for her new home (yay hooray!). Despite the preggobrain-induced detours we took getting there and back, everything went well.

Part of the night was that she treated me to meatballs! for dinner, and we caught up on life a bit. Unfortunately, I think something in that meal was off.

Starting around 1 a.m., I moaned and whined my way through a half-dozen or so ~5-minute episodes of the worst cramps I can remember. I didn’t get to sleep until about 4:30. The pain was agonizing enough that I had a few thoughts about what would happen if this Blobby were not meant to be and reassured myself that that would be sad but okay.

I didn’t call my mom (a nurse), Dadawa, or the doc; I just never got the hunch that something was Terribly Wrong.

Good notes to end on: I believe it’s over, there was no fever, blobby is still moving around the same as before, and it totally cleaned out my system. :p

Also, while I couldn’t sleep, I bought a bunch of new maternity clothes online to last me through the last trimester and a few items on clearance sales for afterward. Dadawa’s gonna have a lot of deliveries coming in next week!

Ken Leee….

If libu dibu dout you…

Hilarious… Gotta love dem Bulgarians, learning Mariah Carey songs from playing a tape over and over again (yes tape… that clunky technology before CDs).

Thanks to Sanj for pointing this one out.

Giving my butt a break

With the seat of my work chair so worn down from the many hours of editing that I (and others before me) have put in, I found my pelvic/back pain to be such a distraction it has been hard to get work done.

About two weeks ago, I brought in a seat cushion from home, which helped a little. Today, I’ve brought in my gool ol’ Bucky neck pillow, and now that I have more variety and something that allows me to sit with zero pressure on my tailbone, I think I have a working solution. Not 100%, but more than halfway there.


Oh, and Blobby seems to like kicking me in the ribs. Oof.


I was walking too quickly and slipped while pivoting on the heel of my favorite cheapo sandals. Caught myself on my hands and left knee. A hundred and fifty-seven or so pounds divided by three…on one knee…equals…

‘I don’t want Blobby in a cage.’

Says the soon-to-be father. Nor do either of us want a huge piece of furniture taking up the entire room and clashing with our personal aesthetics. Given that we didn’t want a $5000 crib, Ikea was our next best bet.

Sure enough, here’s what we got, and in “fresh hyperlink” blue as well!

Also, here are the two baby items we couldn’t help but buy. (The “house white” bib is Blobby’s souvenir from Ireland.)

Week without Mister Mike

I’ll be trying to get a lot of work done for two different nonprofit boards, only one of which is annoying to serve on. Strangely, the less annoying one is the one that’s much less established; my fellow directors on that one are better communicators and less likely to flake out and have unevolved intellectual/emotional issues.

I’ll also be working through past seasons of Battlestar Galactica, which is really well done!

(Dadawa is in New Jersey this week and will get to hang out with Sanj and Uchi a little more, which is lucky for him, because it will mitigate the toll his current project may take on his stress levels.)

Re: Blobby. I’m feeling bigger and bigger. Cammie is having a hard time finding places on my body she can climb over without causing pain. Poor cat.