Monday update

What a rough day. Not a bad one, just not fun.

I’m working from home, and the Webmail site isn’t letting me check my work emails like I should. And so I’ll post.

At the doc’s today, I learn that Blobby has fetal cardiac arrhythmia,…she’s dropping a heartbeat once in a while. Nothing urgent to worry about, Doc says, as most of the time this sorts itself out after delivery, but we’ll schedule another ultrasound to specifically look at the heart in 2 weeks.

Not much else is going on, but I’m still behind on getting the last of the wedding thank you notes out and sending everyone the pictures they’re in.

In other news, I’m still enjoying using the Kindle, what Dadawa and I have jokingly decided is my “push present.”

Techie and bookwormy at the same time …and clad in black.
How much more appropriate could it be?

Return from Huunneymooon…

Wondering why bloggy been quiet lately? Been in Ireland for two weeks. Longer post coming soon with a recap but highlights were;

Left parents house at 6am on 8th March for flight to NYC. Had 9 hour layover (planned) in NY where we had lunch with Sanj, Uchi and Katie. Back to airport for a 9 hour delay (weather then flight crew exceeding flight time just before takeoff). Flight due to leave at 9:25pm actually left at 7:00 am!

Spent day or so resting, visiting Belfast and catching up with lots of family.

Hit the road on the 11th heading north in my Aunt Carol’s Ford Focus TDi (nice car). Visited Antrim coast including Giants Causeway and Old Bushmills Distillery. Stayed in B&B, getting out of gale force winds. Left Mum Mum’s boots in room. Headed to Derry and then down through Sligo to Westport. Visited Connemara National Park next day then headed to Galway. Visited Galway (staying in a really nice little B&B) then moved on to Cliffs of Moher, which is a fantastic view, but did not get as many photos as I would have liked as I dropped the camera and cracked lense! Stayed in Kilorglin that night then onto the Ring of Kerry.

Got to the bottom of Ring of Kerry but could not do the Skellig Experience due to rough seas, but Mum Mum did burn her mouth of microwaved soup and we spotted we had a flat tire when leaving. Changed to junior tire then limped up to Cahir, finishing Ring of Kerry and visiting Druid Circle of Kenmare which is a couple of big pebbles set in a circle, with a couple of larger pebbles in the middle.

Next day we drove up to Kilkenny, where we spent most of the day, really enjoying the town, then off to Dublin to visit and crash at Santhosh and Caroline’s place. Arrived Sunday night… night before St Paddy’s day. Went out for meal and drinks. I managed to get a stomach bug and spent most of St Paddy’s day either in bed, or wishing I was in bed… quote of the day from Santhosh was… ‘You did not have to go above and beyond by actually turning green today!’

Visited Guniness Storehouse, Book of Kells, and Dublinia exhibit as well as side trip to Glendalauch (spelling?) and Powerscourt. Oh, and we got two new tires for front wheels of car. Back up to Belfast to relax, shop and then have large family get together at the Belfast Castle (25 of us in total). Down to Dublin next afternoon where we crashed early ready for our 6:40 am flight to Paris then onwards to Houston. Got home, had dinner with parents, brought cat home then early to bed where cat proceeded to alternate between cuddling with Mum Mum or with me… and she has not stopped since… I have a lap cat more often now than I ever did before… guess she does not like us leaving.

Back to work on Monday where we both had a cold. Mum Mum betting better. Me not so much. Sore throat better, but cough developing into a nice hack… argh!

Photos to follow when I can charge camcorder where I managed to take a bunch of photos after breaking my other Sony camera!

It do be official…

Blobby now has arms, legs, a spine, no boy parts, but does have girl parts.

Hand, foot, and the first glimpse of Pirate Queen here below…

Now we are off to pack and take a two week honeymoon trip to Ireland to see the family and tour around… hopefully weather will pick up from the constant rain that Belfast seems to be forecast to have! 🙂

Stick Shift…

So after learning to ride the bike, driving stick (manual) was next on the list. I have driven a manual white van before, although not with great results, but with us flying over to Ireland this coming weekend, I need practice in a real car. We were able to borrow a friends car over the weekend and I got to drive it around a car park for a while before driving back to the friends place… went ok.

That was on Saturday night. On Sunday I took the car out myself and was driving around, with good results as long as I was not starting from a complete stop. That was not going well… need more practice I think!