What a week. Everyone I have talked to have had a tough week. I can only speak for myself, but it has been a very long week for me.

I have been at a training course getting me ready to take the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, which is the US version of the Prince 2 certification that I have (and that they do not recognize over here). The course is an extremely dull and dry topic to begin, but the instructor made things a lot worse. The course views on global cultures were completely wrong (and I speak from experience having worked in and with many different cultures). He completely forgot that I was not American and when he was talking about Europeans it was not fun. Anyway, that aside (along with his other personal views that he quite liberally shared with the group) he has a condition that essentially makes him yawn all the time. Not a small yawn that can be ignored or not seen, but a full blown one. He would keep talking throughout and the result was everyone in the class was yawning and struggling to stay awake.

On top of the course that ran all day, I had work to do in the evening and homework for the course. All in all it was a long week and I am glad it is over. That being said work was a struggle today. Struggle to get going in the morning and then when I get into it a struggle not to walk away. My lunch was spent working, and when I did go and get a sandwich, they gave me the wrong one and I had to go back and get another. Oh, and a bird died in the driveway so I had to clean that up. Final straw was idiots sending me emails surprised that it would or had taken me so long to do something, without an understanding of what was entailed, or what was completed.

Anyway… WEEK OVER. RANT OVER. Bring on the weekend (3 day weekend for me as I am playing in a golf tournament on Monday afternoon!)

This is a little scary…

…and certainly is not something I would really want to do. Death is a natural part of the cycle of life, and this certainly does not help people move on after a pet has passed. We have had lots of pets over the years and we loved them all, but when they moved on we were sad but eventually we moved on as well… I understand why people would want to clone their pet, but what happens if the clone does not act like the previous pet? Do they get rid of it? Argh!

Mike-a-Bike Update…

I now have a jacket (with appropriate reflective strips and padding), helmet, gloves and use of Mum Mum’s space suit when needed, oh and the bike as well.

Taken the bike out a couple of times and slowly but surely getting more comfortable on it. Not had any incidents on it, which is good

May be a little funny to most, but I was in the grocery store the other day, wearing the bike jacket and it felt kinda cool… part of a little elite that get to enjoy the road in a way most motorist don’t… I now understand what all the fuss is all about.