AIM is sick of me…

So I use Trillian on my PC to connect to multiple IM platforms (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, HP Jabber). Seems that the coders were in a funny mood when they coded the error messages for AIM…

[14:28] *** Error logging into AIM: Error code 29: We think this means the AIM/ICQ servers are sick of seeing connections from your IP address. Wait a few minutes and try again.

Happy Birthday Alex!

Happy Birthday my good sir! Hopefully we will get to see you sometime in June!

Oh and Alex probably may not be able to comment here as my site is causing all kinds of unwanted redirects when he tries to post a comment… or view comments, or view the site… It has happened once or twice for me too, but is not something I can recreate, making troubleshooting it very tough!

Sunday night basketball…

So one of our neighbours was able to get hold of some tickets to the rockets game on Sunday night against the hated Utah Jazz. Unfortunately we lost, but we did have great seats for the game. Unfortunately we all did not manage to sit together, but we did have great seats!

One of the funny parts of the game was one of the Jazz players was on the bench, putting a t-shirt back on (so he was standing infront of the bench). A nice friendly heckler called down to him, shouting ‘Hey, Boozer, SIT DOWN… YOU SUCK!!!’ Carlos Boozer turned around and smiled at him… I guess he has heard a lot worse in his travels.

When we got home I put the news on and saw a recap of the game. A couple of the clips showed the Jazz shooting in the second half, and the background had the Jazz bench… which we were sitting behind, so I slow motioned the recap and took the following shots… do you recognise the two blurry people in there? Yup, Mum Mum and I made the highlight reel!

Maternity clothes monday

So I have gained just around 5 pounds since the wedding week, but even 3 weeks ago, I stopped being able to wear my size 10 “fat” jeans (which were really just the style I bought when I really liked wearing baggy clothes).

For my birthday, then, I asked Dadawa to take me to buy comfy wide-elastic-waist maternity clothes, and we did: a pair of cropped jeans and a versatile pair of black trousers. As it happens, our favorite neighbor, Sherri, and spunky offspring Julia, also bought me a pair of maternity jeans, as well as a top (similar to one of Julia’s I had admired). And my mom had gotten me a maternity top as part of -her- bday gift to me. So I am completely outfitted, for the next few months, anyway.

The small bit of celebration is that I am supposedly in week 13 of the pregnancy, which means the first trimester is just about over. I hope this cold I’ve been fighting will pack up and go home, too.

Big tasks for this week: HHA duties (board meeting next Monday) and continuing to punch out the thank-you notes.

Mike legal to ride bike-a-bike

Just took my written test and passed without a problem (although I did get one or two wrong… doh… took 16 of 20 questions to get 88% pass).

Now I need to get gear (helmet, gloves, body armour…) before I attempt to ride on the roads… or even to take the bike to Rice parking to ride in the parking lot.