Phew… Glad that week is over

Last week was Kraaawwzzzyyy, with a capital K!

We had a week long Capoeira workshop, leading up to our Batizado. The workshops were classes everynight, due to run for 2 hours, but normally running for closer to 3 (although a good 45 minutes of that was the teachers talking to us). There was also a series of workshops on Saturday but we could not make those as we had to travel down to Port Arthur for the patient party that Mum Mum’s parents host twice a year. Also, Thursday through Sunday we were hosting two of the participants who had flown in for the Batizado, a professor of Capoeira from New York, and one of his students. Both fantastically nice people, and we would not have asked for nicer guests in our house!

So, the workshops were leading up to our Batizado, or gradution. It is a grading ceremony where the teachers give the audience an overview of what Capoeira is and do mini demonstrations. Then comes the grading, where you are given your new cord (if you are getting one!!) and then you play with one or several of the mestre’s or professors. They will normally try and trick you out and try to take you down. Then after all that, there is a open Roda, where anyone can play.

It was a fun day, but slightly manic. The week was a long one, with early mornings due to work, and late nights due to Capoeira.

Oh yeah, after the graduation was over, we all went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch and then parted ways. At that point Mum Mum and I went home, I packed and we headed over to my parents for a low key, pre Birthday celebration, attended by family and some close friends. At a little after 8:30 that evening, recently drugged up on Celebrex (for my back), I jumped in the car and took a 4 hour drive up to Dallas (actually Plano) for work. And so here I am, just after 7am on Tuesday, my 30th Birhtday, sitting onsite at a customer. I will be here through late morning at which time I drive back home to at least spend a little of my birthday at home!

Do I feel older? Not really, not no more than I normally do when forced to get out of bed at 6am!

Not quite a Cammie Cam update…

… but it is close!

I will get around to uploading more photos soon, and maybe rebuilding how they show so that you don’t have to sit through all of the slideshow… but Cammie has been kind enough to be be keeping regular tabs on me, being a good supervisor and making sure I am knocking things off my to do list as can be seen here…

The End of Potter???

So I just finished reading the final Potter book. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it took me a while, but I do have to work, and we spent a lot of the weekend either on the road to and from Austin or moving furniture out of Chelsea.

All in all I think it is a fitting end to the series. The character all grew throughout the series, and although several key ones were lost along the way (no I won’t say who or when or how!), the book wraps the series up nicely.

I think the biggest thing for me is how the author seems to have grown in her writing from book one. I will be interested to see if she writes anything else, and if so, if it is as well thought through as this series seems to have been… She certainly did not drag it out like some authors I know of!

Out with the old…

… and in with the new… furniture layout that is.

I had been thinking abour rearranging the office for a while, and Mum Mum had also suggested it. Well, yesterday late afternoon and evening that is exactly what I did. Cleaned the office, and the closet, moved all the DVD shelving into the closet (and the DVD’s into my shoe closet) then rearranged the furniture! Below are the before and after pics! Does not really show it perfectly, but there is a lot more room in the room now!



Note to self…

Don’t forget your domain password. To get it reset it take a 35 minute drive to the HP campus, 25 minutes of wandering and being thrown out of conference rooms to find an empty room or cubicle then 5 minutes to get it reset while on the phone. That is followed by another 15 minutes to find car again and 35 minutes back home!



you bastard…

Well that certainly is part of the rant that was levied against me the other weekend when I got up to feed the Wazz! She was having a treat of tuna, and this was the second feeding, so she knew it was coming. Funny thing is that there was about 1-2 minutes more of noise before I even started the video rolling. Now you guys are starting to get a better view of the noise we put up with at feeding time and at random other times!

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You will need Quicktime to view this movie.

Is it Mike? Is it Angel?


So, the compressor in our fridge thinks it is a drum set, and a bad one, with no rhythm at all… basically it makes clunking noises on an irregular basis. Home warranty sent one company out to check it out and the guy cleaned it, but that did not help, so they sent out a second company (without telling me they were going to) for a second opinion. After me telling them repeatedly that someone had already come out I found out that they were coming for a second opinion.

Anway, the idiots at the second company (Gulf Coast Service Center) have completely screwed my name up. Instead of either Dadawa Geehan or Mum Mum Lee Siy they combined the two, misspelling everything to come up with the fictional SLY GREHAN, Bane of Fridges up and down the Gulf Coast!

Oh and they can’t get their shit in order and tell me a correct day. On Friday it is Tuesday and today it is Wednesday… let us see what tomorrow will bring!