Rained out again?

Nope… unfortunately. None of us played well on Sunday, and the course was pretty darned wet the whole time. I really did not play well, slicing a ball once, that nearly took Frank’s head off. At least I did not hit him, unlike someone else we saw. Two guys walked up to their balls. One was about 10 yards in front and 10 yards to the right… so out of the way of the one behind? Well, you would think so, but the first one hit the ball, slicing it right in the ribs of his playing partner… man oh man that must have hurt!!!

Wedding Blog…

NO… I have not updated it yet, but I have a lot of material to add (thanks to Mum Mum). I will be getting to that hopefully later today. Reason for the post is we are getting ready to go to the caterer to talk food, drink and various other stuff we need to talk about!

Yet another crazy Motorcycle story…

And this one we actually saw!

We were driving home from class last night when we saw this idziot in a Merc cut across Shepherd Drive (two lanes either direction), right infront of a guy riding a Harley. It was around 9:15 at night and was dark, but there were street lights and the bike had its lights on. There was NO way the driver should have gone. As it is, the guy on the Harley slammed on his brakes, skidded out and managed to stop before face planting in the side of the carm which would not have been pleasent as he was not wearing a helmet!

Now, if he had of hit the guy, we would have stopped to be witnesses for the Harley guy, and if the driver had hit him and ran, we would have chased the car down… cause that ain’t right!

Funny who you meet…

While at the bookstore.

I was at Borders to make good use of a 20% off coupon. While I was there the power went out just as I was asking for some help to find a book (and of course they look everywhere I did BEFORE asking for help, and in the back. In the future I should just ask ‘can you check the back for X book as it is not out on the shelves?’). Anyway, when I was checking out (with a couple of books, although not all the ones I wanted), the guy at the checkout said ‘Ahhh… La France’ in a good French accent (I was wearing my French football top at the time) and with good reason as he grew up in Paris. When I spoke French, he was all ‘Whoah, you aren’t kidding about speaking French well, you even have the accent down perfectly’… even after I had told him I grew up in Paris! Guess the non French accent when speaking English confuses people!

Cat likes to dance…

I have my music streaming from a server here in the office, using iTunes, through my mac and through a set of speakers and a sub that I have on/under the desk. Well the volume control for the speakers is a dial on it own cable, which fell off the desk today. Just now Miss Wazz decided that she liked the music and tried to turn the music up so she could swish her tail to the beat. At first try she actually turned it way down, but then got the hang of it and immediately turned it up… but not to ear drum splitting levels! She then proceeded to swish her tail and rub up against the sub!

Was very funny to see!

Another crazy motorcycle quote…

Anytime a laintiff is on a motorcycle, the jury will find them somewhat at fault, just because they’re on a motorcycle.
– California lawyer David Ring, explaining a jury decision that his motorcyclist client was 5% at fault when a woman turned her car into his path, severely injuring him, four days after she flunked the state driver’s test.

This really shows not only how dangerous it is to ride a motorcycle in the US, but how little respect motorcyclist get, both on and off the road.

The power of peanuts…

Jerico will be back. Granted, only for 7 episodes, but hell it is better than leaving it where they did and way better than outright cancelling it like Drive or The Black Donnelly’s.


Update: Okay, so maybe the Donnelly’s ain’t quite done yet either… if you get HDNet then set your DVR’s… http://www.eonline.com/gossip/kristin/detail/index.jsp?uuid=9cc91450-837f-4491-8aff-8b3a6028ba96


So I was onsite at a customer for the first couple of days of the week. At one point I was going to a meeting, and mistakenly thought that we would be in the conference room we had pretty much used since the start of the project. When I got there, the door was open but there were four or five people sitting there. They were just sitting there. Not talking. Not on a conference call. When I walked in, they all turned and looked at me as one, but did not say anything. I backed out slowly saying ‘ummm… guess I got the wrong room’ after which I ran away… those people were just weird!

Anyway, apart from that I was at a cubicle when I saw this sticker on a PC… guess we know that at least we have not forgotten the chaos that was to ensue with the approach of the year 2000!

Donnelly’s, Drive, and Jerico…

So I have mentioned in the past how pissed I was that they cancelled The Black Donnelly’s. It was replaced by a silly improve comedy thing that really sucked and lasted all of 2 or 3 weeks before being replaced by another reality show type thing that lasted a week or so… think it was the timeslot and not the show that was the problem?

Anyway, following that cancellation we watched the first two episodes of a show called Driveon Fox. That lasted 2 episodes before being pulled.

Finally, Jerico, which was a well thought out and interesting show seems to have been cancelled at the end of its first season, right at a climatic part of the show. Again, I was pissed… until I saw the following article on the BBC website indicating that it may be back! YAY if it does!!