So… you sit through 2 hours of so so performances, with the odd decent one thrown in, waiting to see who will win… and BLAM… DVR cuts out before the stupid show can finish…

Fox Sucks… and really are incapable of having a show run on time. Yeah, so what… I watched American Idol this year… was fun at times and frightening at others, but the top 3 contestants deserved to be there… but it would have been nice to actually SEE who won, instead of having to trawl through website forums to find out the winner. Oh well… guess next time I will have to remember to record the next alloted segment as well, just in case!

We just might…

Have a location!!!!

Got the high level costs back from the caterers, and when all is totalled up, we are looking at the Rockerfeller Hall for our weeeddding on the 11th November.

Now that we have that sorted, next steps is getting hotel room packages for y’all, and ummm… oh yeah, setting and agreeing the menu (beakyfust anyone?!?), umm and a bunch of other stuff (oh yeah, invites, duh!)

Now we can start getting the wedding blog updates rolling!

Crazy Conference Rooms…

Actually the conference room itself is perfectly sane from what I can tell, but the process around access to the room is completely looney!

So I was back down in Mexico City. This week we were working on the customer site doing a workshop and interview sessions to get the information we need. On the Tuesday we had an all day workshop. When we broke for lunch we asked if we could leave our laptops while we dashed out to grab lunch. Answer was ‘Yes. Security will close the door and when you get back just ask them and they will let you back in. So off to lunch we go.

We get back about 30-45 minutes later to find the conference room locked. I then go and try to get security to open the door. Given my slight lack of Spanish speaking skills resulted in me calling Mum Mum for translation help. 20 minutes later (and probably about $20 in call costs) security seems to understand. They then turn up about 10 minutes later, but refuse to open the door. A willing employee, who spoke a little English said that the conference room was locked until the conference started again at 16:00! We were stranded. No laptop, no access to anything, we were forced to sit on the sofa in the lobby for an hour and a half waiting to get access.

I am happy dealing with local cultural querks… but this is freaking incredible! We lost that time, I could not even read the book I had with me, and the guys were unable to prepare for the afternoon session, which we really needed to do! Sigh… well, at least I am home now!

A Good Scramble

No, not breakfast, the end result of my round of golf today. Played at Hermann Park. After sticking three balls in the water at the first (not a good way to start), I managed to play the rest of the round on one ball! I also managed to hit 2 of 14 fairways, and 5 of 18 greens in regulation (that is in one shot for a par 3, 2 for par 4 and 3 for par 5). All that being said, I still managed to eek a round of 90 in (46 on the front and 44 on the back). If I could have hit the ball straight off the tee I would have been in great shape… but I didn’t!

Mother’s day surprise and Onion Rings

Ok, so not your usual combination, but keep reading and it should make more sense!!

Apart from playing golf this weekend, and struggling with the home warranty people about our Air Conditioning (upstairs unit is not working, and so we cannot even sleep in our own bed!) we surprised my mum by my brother flying in for the weekend. Mum Mum picked him up from the airport as I was out at golf, and then we went over to surprise my mum, then take her out to dinner. On Sunday Mum Mum and I hosted both sets of parents and my brother and made a good ol’ fry up. Seems to have gone down well as there was next to no food left, and what was left was nearly all taken by Kieran as a snack (but I think that was just a sausage that was left).

I then unpacked then repacked my bags as I am back down in Mexico this week. Flight was delayed by over an hour and a half but we still managed to get to the hotel, change (or at least I changed) and then we all headed to the site. Upon returning to the hotel we went round the corner to the Hard Rock Cafe (sure not your authentic Mexican Cuisine, but I wanted a burger, nothing else!). Richard ordered a house salad with Shrimp and a side order of Onion Rings. What he got was a house salad with the shrimp on the side and with an onion sliced into rings (or at least part of an onion… you know, the setup they tend to put on burgers?!?). He said ‘No, I ordered fried onion rings, the appetizer!’. The waiter then went away and came back with more onion, sliced the same way, but fried! God the cooks must have been wondering what type of fool they had in there tonight!

What a round!!!

Normally I really do not like the golf course called Southwyck, down in Pearland, but on Saturday I loved it! I shot a whopping 82 (by far my best round on a such a tough course), hitting 41 on the front and 41 on the back. I could even have done better, but I missed a couple of birdie and par putts. Anyway… I was fabulously happy about the round, so I went out to Hermann Park the next day, and hit a 93. Still good, but nowhere near as good as Saturday. I was just feeling my game. I was driving it decently (not always straight, but long, and never in too much trouble) and my iron game was spot on!

Adventures in Hotellery

Down in Mexico for a workshop this week (and will be back down here again next week, sigh). Yesterday evening, when I get back to the hotel at about 19:30 I go up to my room to drop my bag off before going down for a drink with the customer, only to find that my room key does not work. DOH! So back down to the reception, new key, back to room and key works. Phew! I then drop and run only to find that someone needed a Claritin (allergy medicine) so back up to my room again. I approach the room only to see that my door is wide open! My first thought is ‘What the F$%K?!?!’. Turns out it is the turn down service! Phew!

Then this morning. I am checking out today (heck, I am at the airport now) but was not leaving until 11 am. At 7:40 this morning, as I am just climbing out of bed the door bell goes, and its the maid service… at 7:30 in the freaking morning. Needless to say I said not now and closed the door! Sigh… I wish I was back home!

Kirsten and Arthur get hitched!

Yup, two good friends finally tied the knot yesterday somewhere close to the Mexican border, or at least that is how it felt driving from inside the loop!

Was a nice and simple ceremony and relaxed reception. Very civilised all around (or nearly all around!). I was drafted in at the last minute (or last week) to be an usher, and so had to stand out in the hot muggy weather directing traffic (both automotive and pedestrian). Ceremony and most of the reception was outside, and we were all very thankful for the breeze and for the fact that the rain held off!

Funny thing is now that Mum Mum and I are getting married, we did look at different aspects of the wedding saying things like ‘we won’t do that‘ or ‘huh, that’s a good idea‘… funny how your perception of these things change when you are planning one yourself… or I imagine… if you have already done so in the past!