What a weekend…

Friday night we were at the Relay for Life which is a cancer awareness relay walk. Basically try and keep someone on the track from your team at all times. Problem is that there was no visibility of the whole track and so you could not see how many people are on the track… and no competitive reason to keep running. End result is that although there were a lot of people at the start (19:00) but by midnight over half the people were gone, including more than half our team. I started to fade around 1am, and I went to the car and had a nap, but Mum Mum and her mum stayed up all night. By 3am, we were down to 3 or 4 people in the team, and more than half of the other teams had already packed up and left. Relay was due to finish at 7am, but around 6am someone stepped onto the stage and basically said ‘thanks for coming, if anyone turns up they can keep on walking, but BYE BYE!’.

One interesting thing during the night. They had a ‘Mister Relay‘ competition and the woman was calling for contestants to come up on stage. At one point I am sure I heard her say ‘Would all Mystery Lay contestants come up onstage?‘. I was shocked… they had cub scouts there and all!

We packed up around 7am, and got home around 8am. Sleep and then next step of the weekend…

Went to see 2 more wedding locations and have now settled on 3 potential locations… details to follow. We should have the quotes for all locations by end of next week but the three we are looking at are;

  • Rockerfeller Hall (http://www.rockefellerhall.com/home.html)
  • The Parador (http://www.paradorhouston.com/main.html)
  • The Allen Center

    After that, back home, get ready and then… Mum Mum heads out to Kirsten’s Hen night and I went out with Arthur (the Groom to be) to play poker. Back home at 1:30, and then back out at 3:30 to pick Mum Mum up. Then… Sleep.

    Sunday I played golf at Memorial… although not well (hit a 100). Game was really up and down, but down overall! After that straight down the road to a open Capoeira Roda. Dinner at parents, back home to listen to poor Wazz bitch about being abandoned all weekend. Stuff done at home, and then sleep.

  • Always a Full Moon on Houston Roads

    So, I have really come to the realisation that it must always be a full moon on the Houston roads, because the crazies are always on the road. I have gone a long time without witnessing or being involved in any car bumping.

    On Wednesday I got a call from my mum who reinjured her ankle when Kio took a header due to the storm that was passing through. I went and picked her up and brought her to the emergency center to get the foot checked out. Weather was horrid, with pretty heavy rain. We stop at the traffic lights at Kirby and Bissonnet (right near our house) and a couple of seconds later BAAM and we get shunted forward. Some asshole did not know that wet weather means drive more carefully, and that a red light means stop your F#$king car. Anyway, there was no significant damage to either car (just a very small scratch on the bumper) so we left it be. After 3 hours in the ER my mum gets her foot strapped up (wrongly) and we head home. That evening, when we are on our way (Mum Mum and I) over to my mums we have another encounter with a crazy. I slow down and indicate (thsoe flashing orange lights on the sides of a car) that I am going to turn left into my parents street. The car behind me decides that I must have meant to indicate that she should overtake me on the left. Horn honking later she finally clues in and stops… just before driving into the side of my car.

    Next… I was driving up Kirby yesterday afternoon (again on my way to walk the mutt) and a car cuts in front of me then moves over to the left lane. The car in front of him puts on his brakes since there was traffic and BANG and guy rear-ends him.

    Finally, on the way back from my mums last night after class, we see another car that had been rear ended and pushed all the way through an intersection. The back end of the car looked like a crushed coke can!

    Save the Environment… Save the Toilet Paper!!!

    Singer Sheryl Crow has said a ban on using too much toilet paper should be introduced to help the environment.

    Crow has suggested using “only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required”.

    The above is the first two paragraphs from an article on BBC.co.uk…

    Just thought it was amusing! Back to conf calls for me!


    What Happens in Vegas…

    Stays in Vegas, and that is mainly my money!

    Out here for a conference all week (writing this from airport… waiting for flight, waiting for 6 hours for a flight), and we were staying at the Red Rock Resort and Casino. Very nice place, but would not stay there again. Conference was so so, one or two worth while sessions, but mostly they were not as interesting as hoped or expected.

    Anyway, I tried slots one time and found out that I did not like them and that my luck was not running high. I figured Poker to be a better bet and so went to play the $1-$2 table (small blind $1, big blind $2). Unfortunately, I was at a table where people were betting fairly heavily even to just see a flop. Anyway, after bleeding slowly, I finally got a good hand… pair of Queens. I subsequently went all in and some one called… He had a single lowly King… which was not good enough… right up to the river, where he got the King… FEEKING KING ON THE FEEKING RIVER. Well, needless to say that my gambling was pretty much done after that. All in all I am down for the week, and have absolutely no need, desire, or wish to come back to Vegas to bet anytime soon. I will leave my token gesture to the local mob and let others lose their life savings at the Vegas tables.

    Updated 23/04/2007 – First sentence did not make sense, even to me!

    What not to watch, while on a plane

    I would have to include the episode of Nip Tuck (Season 3) which I was watching on the flight from Houston… the episode (without giving too much away) is about a plane that crashed on take-off and is all about the rescue operation, and triage center where the docs work out of.

    The whole concept did not bother me much, although I am sure it would affect some others a little more. In fact, it was only when I was half way through the episode that I was watching a show about a plane crash while I was at 35,000 feet in a plane myself. I thought that was amusing!

    Quick round before packing…

    So I am in Las Vegas this week. I know, sounds all glam, but I get to sit through day long conferences with people talking at me all day. Oh well, beats working I guess!

    Before I packed for my trip on Sunday, I managed to fit in a quick round of golf at woldcat. I was actually very happy with my overall play. I had very few loose holes (1 four over par and a couple of double bogeys). Went out in 9 over (with a birdie on the 9th hole) for 45 and came back in with a 47, for a 92 overall. Definitely my best score in a long time on this tough course. Now, if I could hit the green on my second shot, instead of the fringe, and if I could putt… oh well, I am sure everything will be different next time out!