Killer Wazz…

This is what we had to listen to for what seemed like hours over the past couple of weekend, and weekday mornings when the birdies are outside… got to the point where we raised the blinds high enough she could jump at them without braining herself!!

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You will need Quicktime to view this movie.

P.S. New Category created just for Wazz Vid’s!

Poor Wazz…

Can’t get at the fat, fluffy birdie…

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You will need Quicktime to view this movie.

Playing to Handicap…

So… after the horrible night on Saturday, with my bad headache, and general flu type thing, I still got up and played golf on Sunday. Not played very well, but still scraped in under 100 (99). For the first time we played, taking our handicaps into account. Based on the fact that I have been playing really bad, I estimated mine at 25. And I hit a 2 over my handicap, which shows I am not far off I guess… certainly not that I am happy about such a large handicap, but I guess I must live with it!

Death warmed over…

This weekend was a busy one. Saturday morning was spent at a Bridal show here in Houston (and I should add a post on Wedding blog about that). After the show we went back to Crooms, grabbed the cars and went to lunch with the mums (who joined us at the show). After lunch I took a nap before class. Dance class was fun, but was kinda tough to get through as I was feeling pretty bad at the time (cold/flu type thing). We then went and had a drink with an old friend of Mum Mum’s. Back to feed the Wazz, and right back out for drinks with an old high school friend of mine. Pick up food on way home, and by the time we got home I was fading fast… could hardly eat anything and a really bad headache came over me. Only way I found that I could relax enough to sleep was to curl up on the massive bean bag I have beside the bed.

Anyway, photo is what I looked like under a very, very, very harsh flash at the restaurant!!

Bye Bye MUON… Howdy GLUON!

So… Hostnexus have finally gotten around to migrating my sites over to a new site. Unfortunately, in the move, I lost a couple of posts that I made yesterday… erghh… oh well.

The server was down for most of yesterday, and so I may have lsot a whole lot of emails, but oh well, if things settle down, and the site becomes more stable then it will have been worth it. And if it does not… then does anyone know of a good CF hosting company???

Update: DNS may still be updating in different places, so site should start to come online throughout the day (I hope!!)

Mr. Dip update…

I meant to post this a couple of days ago, but Mestre (our Capoeira instructor) read my email, and we talked about it before class on Monday. Class started off just as Mum Mum and myself. Funnily enough, Mr. Dip and his friend arrived at class shortly after we had started. I had two options before he arrived to deal with the situation, and had Mestre’s backing on either. I could either pull him aside and talk to him, or I could essentially kick him a couple of times in the Roda and tell him that is what he gets for pushing me then running away.

When he arrived, Mestre pulled us to the side and told him how he was out of line. The kid threw out a half hearted apology then did not want to talk about it any more. Mestre left us alone and I managed to get him to talk, but the long and short was that he was frustrated in general and ended up taking it out on me because;

  • I had a tricky game and caught him out
  • He felt I was being aggressive in the game (which was true, but only in response to his aggressiveness)
  • I had started class after him orginally, but through dedication (unlike his spotty attendance) I had passed him in the basics… although his acrobatics are 100 times better than mine
  • Mum Mum and I seem to hang out all the time (duhhh… We ARE getting married) and he thought we teamed up on people in the Roda… which we don’t
  • And the best for last… Mum Mum had caught him out a couple of times months ago (never kicked him, just caught him off guard) and he took his resentment out on me

    Soo… Mestre basically offered him his money back, especially if he could not listen to Mestre and if he had such a bad attitude. I will be surprised if we see him back anytime soon!!

  • Salsa King… Part Deux!

    So we had our second salsa lesson today. And it went well. I actually remembered what we learnt last week, and was able to pick up on how to turn my partner and how to do the turn myself. So all good there.

    The funny thing is that when we started class, the teacher told everyone to get a partner. There were two girls, obviously friends, who had been there last week. One of the girls came towards me to partner up. Her friend saw her move towards me and went ‘Hey, I remember you… I like the way you dance… Your mine!’ And she actually managed to push her friend out the way… So nice to be fought over! :p

    Her friend was then forced to do the first dance (very short… just couple of steps) by herself. At this point her friend was all… ‘Oh I told her to grab someone quickly’ and ‘Can you handle two at the same time?’ All in good jest… anyway, that is my ego boost of the day after it took a serious beating at the hands of my golf game!!!

    So, it’s official…

    I must really not be Irish!

    Given that it is St Patrick’s day today, you would think that the luck of the Irish should be with people with Irish blood. Well, it did not work for me, and it sure did not work for the Irish Rugby team in the Six Nations. Although they won their match, France won their match as well, and the point differential resulted in France winning the Six Nations this year).

    As for me, I played, or tried to play golf today. Apart from the occasional good shot and half way decent hole, any bounce that could go against me, did. Putts lipping out, bad stances… you name it, I had it. One the first par three on the back nine, which is a long shot over water, I stuck my first (and I think my second too) tee-shot in the water, and the Retreiver Beaver (yes, there was a beaver watching us tee off) decided I sucked badly enough that he would not go and retreive my ball for me!

    Anyway, I don’t even remember, nor want to know, what my final score was. All I know is that it was bad, very, very bad!!!

    I don’t normally…

    Talk about work on this post, and I rarely seem to mention Capoeira, which is a large part of my life outside of work, and the place where I was lucky enough to meet Mum Mum. I don’t speak about work because I tend to feel that speaking about difficulties, hassles or general crap at work, I feel it is unprofessional to air it in such a public forum. The reason I don’t tend to talk about capoeira is different. We go to class, train, either well or not, and leave having normally had an extremely good workout.

    Tonight was different. Sure we had a good workout, and class was actually going really well. If you don’t know about Capoeira, it is a Brazilian martial art that is played (and it is a game between two people) in a roda, or circle. The circle is made up of participants who are playing instruments, clapping, and singing, and who form the nucleus of the players for the game.

    Our instructor, or Mestre, went to pains to tell us to play a good game, and that means to repect each other, give each other space, and not to do anything stupid. After a couple of games I started to play with someone, lets call him Sir Dipshit. So Dip started the game very fast and very aggressively, really trying to push me around in the game. I am happy to play that kind of game, with the right person, but was making sure that I was in control of everything I did. He then proceeded to shove me, two-handed, trying to push me out of the roda. This is neither a standard technique in the game, nor is it a way to play nicely. The thing is… if he wanted to push me, then I was happy and ready to push back. Unfortunately, as soon as he did that, someone tried to buy the game, so as to take Dipshit out, leaving me to play with the new person. I pushed that person back and tried to pull Dipshit back into the game, but he was too much of a coward to come and play again.

    That left me in a very bad mood, and to make things worse, our Mestre praised him for finally playing more aggressively. If we had continued, I would more than likely have hurt the guy, and that would have ended in me being the person in the wrong, and being held up as a bad example. These inconsistencies affected both Mum Mum and I tonight and have resulted in us both feeling very pissed off with the whole process.

    Neither of us are going to quit, but I am certainly going to curtail my game until I get clear directions on how I should play the game.

    Brain Death…

    MUON… the server my sites are hosted on, decided that its brain did not want to live any longer (cannot fault it seeing how overloaded the server seems to have been in recent months). Result is that its memory banks went tits up. Hard drive failure. Repair not working. Result… Server (and my sites, including email) down pretty much all day. Server has only now been brought back from the dead, with a replacement memory bank I imagine. Details on the following bulletin board…