Gown all picked out???

I will soon be creating a separate blog for the wedding itself, but in the meantime, you will just have to deal with the crumbs I throw your way on this blog!

Weeeelll… It seems that Mum Mum has found her wedding gown!!!! Click on the link to the left (yes, the image) to see the full size gown.

In her own words…

‘It was a hard choice, because I had first seen all the offerings on
this page and loved them so much, I almost didn’t look elsewhere:

Seeing the above, I think i may just wrap myself in a French flag and pin it with a big clove of garlic!

Frustrated & Distracted…

Does not result in a good mood or a good swing!

So the lovely Anne and the two puggles were in town for the weekend. On Friday evening, while Anne was driving down from Austin, Mum Mum and I went to the 1st Annual Asian and Asian-American Film Festival at Rice (although it seems that Mum Mum was involved in organising the 1st one years ago, so this one must have been the 1st Annual 2007 film festival… running only once!). We saw a really interesting movie about the all volunteer Japanese-American 100th/44nd Regimental Combat Team, back in WWII (http://www.onlythebravemovie.com/).

The week had been a long and frustrating one for both of us, and we were both slightly exhausted due to it.

Saturday morning was a very early start for me as I had to take my parents to the airport so that they could jet off and enjoy the entertainment of Hawaii for 2 weeks while I take care of the Crooms St Zoo.

I was scheduled to play golf at 11:30 am at Memorial Park. I hate to say that I played, cause my game just would not cooperate. My drive was on, and I mean really on, early in the round, and my iron game was not too bad. It was raining on and off, which meant a miserable day no matter how well you played. Anyway, my putting was atrocious, and my game slowly started to disintegrate around that… result was that I walked off the course after nine holes. One of the main reasons for the distraction was that Mum Mum had called me just before we started and told me that the carpet I had steam cleaned early in the week was still wet and was developing some mildew stains and a very strong mildew smell. Well that just resulted in me being completely inable to concentrate on any shot, which results in bad things on the golf course!

Errands run, movies watched, aminals fed and walked. Little sleep, lots of running around. That was the rest of my weekend. We even managed to miss the first of the two movies on Sunday evening due to them starting it at 6pm and not 7pm like every other night. The one movie we did see was wild and wacky, and not really in a good way. It really was just too weird for me. If you want more details, I will have to ask Mum Mum to post a note on it as I cannot get my head around the movie.

Anyway, this week is going to be a busy one, jetting between Crooms and Bissy, working (HP and zoo), more wedding plans (need to figure out where to host the wedding and what to wear!), and general stuff that needs done! Good luck to all of us in attempting to survive the days to come!


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The Return of…

The Supercool MR. MONKEY!!!

My old, old, old pal Mr. Monkey was found, given a bath and returned to me on Chinese New Year by my mum! Ain’t he the coolest???!?!?

Mr. Monkey was my best pal as a kid, he certainly went everywhere I did, and normally got his own seat on the plane when we were flying somewhere!!!

Little Vindy…

I did play on Saturday (golf that is). We played the Lakes course at Wildcat. The course is very tough and especially so when it is windy, which it was on Saturday. Started out with a Par on the first. Doubled the second due to some porr chipping. Third was down wind and I managed to really get a hold of my driver and managed to spank the ball a good long ways. Turns out that I hit it around 313 yards! Unfortunately, I managed to turn that into a bogey!!! Wind played havoc with my game, and when my ability to hit my driver left me, I was left with a tough course, and never that far or in that good a shape for my second shot. Result was a horrid 103, but I was not that unhappy with my overall play… just need to figure out how to hit my driver consistently (well that is!)

The reason we stay within the loop…

… except for golf, trips to the airport and occasional shopping requirements…

The reason is pretty simple… ALL THE DRIVERS OUTSIDE THE LOOP (610) ARE CRAZZZZYYYY!!!

Saturday evening we were going to Yvonne’s Tupperware party (yesh, we went to a tupperware party… basically to support a classmate), and to get there we had to venture outside the loop (like the Peripherique in Paris or, hmmm… not sure what the equivalent is in London… Congestion charge zone???? Anyway we were driving on I-10 (the one that goes from California to Flordia, yet is called the Katy Freeway in Houston [for a town just west of Houston]) and as we were not in a rush I was crusing along at about 60mph (5mph over the limit) in the slow lane. A car comes up behind me and starts flashing his lights at me. We wonder if there is something wrong with the car (like was a human body caught in the undercarriage again?!?) but nope, there was nothing that we could tell while driving. After the tailing and flashing did not work, the very sane and kind man stuck his full beams on and left them there. I naturally figured that I must be about to blow up or something, so I slowed down. That caused a braking and quitting of said full beams. They then came back on again and so I figured that I must have been doing something right by slowing down, so I did it again, to a respectable 40mph (minimum speed limit on the highway is 45mph so I was breaking the law… again). Full beams come back on and stay on. We then (within seconds) come to the next off ramp and he speeds off on the ramp giving me the “You’re #1 Man” sign. Well, either that or he flipped me off. No pleasing some I guess!

Shortly thereafter, we had parked up in a car park (Duh!) and were walking towards the Marshalls (discount retailer… a must visit for out of country-ers). Setting the scene… between the car park and the shop there is a lane for traffic to pass. This lane is wide enough for two cars to pass comfotably and for a car or two to park as well. There were two cars parked in front of the shop (illegally I might add) and one illegally parked at the carpark side, leaving not too much space for cars to pass. Someone obviously thought it was not a problem as he was speeding down the lane, oblivious to the fact that there were pedestrians, including families, walking back and forward. He was a man on a mission, and came zooming past us (doing about 20-30mph… which is fast for where he was driving). Mum Mum was kind enough to slap the rear, driver side window (was a minivan). We keep on walking and suddenly he slams on the brakes and jumps out…

Wild Haired driver: ‘EXCUSE ME!!! EXCUSE MEEEEE’

Mum Mumic Mum Mum: ‘Yes.’ Having turned round to see who was shouting at us.

Wild Haired driver: WHHY did you hit my car?’

Mum Mumic Mum Mum: ‘Welll, you were driving pretty fast and did not see that pedestrians were trying to cross’

Wild Haired driver: ‘I was NOT speeding’

Mum Mumic Mum Mum: ‘What speed did you think you were going then?’

Wild Haired driver: ‘Errr.. 2 Miles an hour!’

Mum Mumic Mum Mum: ‘Sure’. We then turn round to head into the store.

Wild Haired driver: ‘WELL… F$%K YOU’ he screamed and then trumped off to his car again.

Phew… Well, we made it to the party, got ignored by a woman doped out on Vicoden because we were obviously not going to become a cult member and spend our lives and personal savings selling plastic containers, bought one or two pieces then went home, safe and sound inside the loop!

Three books at a time?

If you look at the books I am reading at the moment you will see that I am in fact reading three at once. Well, not quite, but close. Two of them you can understand as one is ficiton and one is tips and tricks about wedding bargains (which is really written towards women, it really does act like men would never read the book!). The reason for the two fiction books, and by the same author is that I started to read Seduced by Moonlight but 100 pages in I realised that there were huge gaps in the story. Well, not huge, but large enough that I was puzzled what the hell was going on. End result is that I was in fact reading book three and not book two… so book three goes back on the shelf and I get to dive into book two! Luckily I don’t think I missed that much… not like a load of characters were killed off, so probably more sex and politics!!!

Now you can hear…

Exactly what we hear everyday… sometimes all day…

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You will need Quicktime to view this movie.

Long Time Coming…

Ha… yeah, that is the name of one of their albums, but the Dixie Chicks finally got their own back, and in a way, the music industry tipped their hat to the trio who have gone through a hell of a lot since the backlash they suffered for criticising the President on the eve of the war in Iraq .

Last night, at the grammy awards, the Dixie Chicks picked up a grand total of 5 awards. True, people like James Blunt and others were the unlucky ones to miss out due to the Dixie Chick mania that swept through the Grammy’s, but damn… they deserve it!

Another Erratic day.

Played at Wildcat today after a day mainly spent planning for the wedding (saturday). Golf game was back to my erratic old self. double bogey then par, then triple bogey… that was the up and down of my game today. I did manage a good recovery on the 18th (second shot was completely blind) scoring a par (4). End result was that I managed to scrape in just under 100 (99). Not the best, but it was cold enough out, and windy enough, that you could never get warm and so never completely loosen up!

Tomorrow is back to work fo another week of… well, work I guess!