That is how Frank categorised my golf game on Sunday morning, and he was not wrong. Start with a triple bogey on the 1st then a double on the second. I then hit a birdie on the next. Pars, bogeys and worse where the name of the day thereafter. The back nine was awful and I did not manage to get in under 100 (101). All in all a bad day on the course. I could blame the muscle in my back which I seem to have pulled, but really that was not the problem… my game was! It sure was windy, but still!

Another bites the dust?!?

  • Harvey – Check (twice)
  • Mit – Check
  • Sanj – Check
  • Next…?

    After arriving in Newark airport at 11:30 at night on Sunday, I jumped in a car and drove out to the Hanover Marriott and checked in. Having arrived in the room and quickly unpacked I called Mum Mum. I then realised (again) how dangerous it is for me to travel. The reason? When I am not there, someone starts to think, and that leads to interesting things!

    The end result of an hour long call is that we will soon be setting a date for a huge pissup here in Houston to help celebrate/commiserate the migration of two people from singlehood into ball-and-chain-hood!

    Yes, we are tying the knot. No dates yet… we are awaiting the results of astorological analysis on the best date and updates will be coming shortly.

    Adam… thanks for resisting… The force is strong withing you!

  • Quiet blog week?

    Good reason for that. I have been travelling and have been pretty darned busy. Not that there is not any news… there is… and the next post will detail all of that, but I spent the week up in Jersey and did manage to meet up with Sanj and Uchi and their bunny (who is completely crazy!) for dinner.

    Virtual Bookclub?

    So I read a lot. that is nothing new. I also receive a number of emails from publishers as I have somehow ended up on their distribution list. No big deal there as it shows me some new books that I might not have otherwise found. Recently I received an email that included an invite to join Booked for Breakfast. The underlying premise is that every morning (or sometime the evening before) you receive an email with a sample from a book that is about to be released or has just been released. Each week the book is different and each day follows on from the last one. Result is that you get to read the first 20 or so pages of a book before buying it, and without standing (or sitting) in a bookstore! First couple of books seem interesting, and I might actually go out and get them (maybe that is… seeing how long my to read list already is!!!)

    HOUSTON, we have a Problem!

    So it is raining, and the temperatures are done around freezing… result… PANIC!!! Everyone Scramble, shut down the schools, go home early from work. It is really hilarious to see. I was expecting an inch of oce on the roads this morning based on what the news was talking about, and was there? Nope, there is nothing more than a damp road out there. Sure, outside of town it may be worse, but really, this is not something to freak out over to the degree they are here!