What with the Christmas break, I have been crap in updating site… and with me over in England for Jon’s wedding, posts have been shortcoming.

There are updates… just can’t phrase them in my mind at the moment… so updates coming later!

Why can’t they…

Learn to pour a proper bloody pint???

Above is the pint I got while waiting for my bangers and mash on Saturday night at the Black Lab (what passes for an English Pub, here in Houston). Food was not that bad, although I have very rarely seen Bangers & Mash without some proper gravy on it… and these had none, oh and the beans had BBQ flavouring in it…. ACKK.

Anyway, every time I have ordered a pint in a bar over here, the above is what you get… That would never fly in London!

Up and down…

As usual, this is the state of my golf game. Was having real trouble driving the ball early on, so I switched to my 3-Wood off the tee for most of the front nine. That being said, I still managed to birdie the par-5 second hole. Back nine started off very nicely with me hitting my tee shot to within 6 inches of the hole on the par-3 ninth. the first par-5 on the back, which measures about 531 yards was the most incredible hole. Hit my drive well over 250 yards… I had 245 left on my second shot. I then managed to cream my 3-wood well over the natural limit that I expect… driving it through the green in 2. It then all fell apart. 2 crappy chips onto the green, then a 3 putt for double bogey! That was fragging frustrating! Still managed to finish under 100 (think I hit 98 – 51 on the front, 47 on the back)


For anyone who follows the NBA, then this story is not news to you. For anyone who does not follow the NBA, well it probably is not news to you either. This is one of the few times the NBA will get a mention before the All-Star break.

Another fine example of grown men being paid stupid amounts of money to put a ball through a hoop, and being unable to contain their anger at the world for the tough life they live. Granted, a lot of top flight sports personalities get paid as much or more than the people involved, but you certainly don’t see Tiger Woods running around, brandishing a golf club, after Ernie Els or Leftie Mickelson for talking in their backswing, or for walking across their putting line. Enuf said!

Never, never, never…

… lock yourself out of your PC if you work for HP and are a teleworker.

I normally don’t mention work, or at least not much here, mainly because I don’t think it is the right place to! Anyway, I managed to lock out my PC last night, and calling the help desk this morning, they could unlock my account, but given that by then I was no longer connected to the network via VPN, their help really was not helpful. After being bounced between help desk teams for 20 minutes the only resolution was that I had to take my laptop and drive the 35 minutes up to the HP campus, stalk the grounds looking for a cubicle or a conference room to nab, then plug into the network and try to log in again. All said and done it took me over an hour and a half for me to get there, find somewhere to sit and log into the network. End result is that although I can now get into my laptop, I lost the whole morning to this crap!

Next steps? 1) Create a local admin account for myself and 2) Rebuild my PC sooon… so that I am no longer shackled to the HP domain regulations!

Yup… I did the unthinkable…

I never realised, until today, that angel hair pasta is flamable!! I put some in the pot, although not all the way in, turned round, and whoosh, when I turned back it was soft enough that the ends bent over, and some hit the open flame!!! Yup, they did burn up a little! Whoopsie!!