Only, not too sure which one!

I am down in Mexico City on business, but unfortunately, the people I was due to meet now have other, more important business than to meet me (imagine that!), and I am working from the hotel.

The hotel is very near to the presidents home, and right next to a military parade ground, where the inauguration will take place on Friday. That would be fine, if not for the problem with the loser in the election not being happy about the process. The result is riot police everywhere. In addition to that, they are practicing something on the parade ground (see photo below). Loads of soldiers, several military grade transport helicopters. That would not be too bad, but the thing that worries me is the six artillery weapons pointed almost directly at the hotel, that they are testing at the moment! Freaks the hell out of me everytime they go off! ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHH…. 🙂 Hopefully we all make it out before the coup is launched… I don’t think my worth as a hostage would be that much!

Yes I did…

Manage to fit some golf in over the weekend, but the result was pretty disasterous, both for Frank and for myself. The only highlight was a putt for eagle hitting the back of he cup then popping out! Yup, I was that close to my first eagle ever! Oh well, someday… I hope!!!

Gobble, Gobble Weekend

So it was Thanksgiving weekend this past weekend in the US. Result was a 4 day weekend!!!

Wednesday night was spent unpacking, clearing, organising and shopping for the housewarming party.

Thursday morning and early afternoon was much the same. We then went to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner. After my dad cooked the turkey (deep fried… very nice result), I was put in charge of the carving (yes, I was actually given a BIG knife and given free range to attack a dead bird!) of the turkey. After dinner, it was back for more housework. Result was in bed by around 2am on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Friday more cleaning, more last minute shopping, and then the party. The festivities kicked-off around 4pm and ended sometime around 10:30pm.

To those who made it: Thank you for helping us celebrate and for helping us drink and eat loads of food (special thanks to Julianti for catering, and to both mums for helping serve and clean up afterwards). It was great to see, and, for me, to meet lots of people!

To those who did not make it: SUCKERS! You missed a great party. You were all (well most of you) missed, and we hope to entertain y’all in the house in the near future.

Saturday was golf, cleaning and other stuff I seem to remember.

Sunday was shopping, relaxing, eating, and the new Bond movie in the evening (before I ran home to pack for my trip to MEKICO)…


Luck of the Irish…

Listening to the Rod Ryan show this morning while driving the girlfriend to work (yup, that is what I do these days… Taxi Cab Dadawa!). Anyway, on Monday morning they have a call-in section where people call in throughout the show with a story of what they did over the weekend, titled ‘Blood, Sex, Jail or Fame’ or something to that extent.

A guy called in, with an accent that was certainly non American. He proceeds to talk about going to the movies last night, by himself. While in line to buy some popcorn there is a hot chick in front of him, so he pays for her popcorn. As he goes to the movie… lo and behold… the girl is going to the same movie (The Departed). She sits next to him and during the movie tells him that she has ‘Always wanted to do something in a movie theatre!’. So they start to get it on with her ‘doing all the work’. Now that is good enough but that is not it…

There is another chick, siting several rows ahead, and she keeps looking back. The guy is all ‘Shite, she knows what we are doing’. Sure enough, she gets up, but instead of walking out, she walks back up to them, sits by them, and joins in!!!!

Damn… What a way to polish off a weekend… go the movies by yourself and hook up with not one, but two women!!!!

More Golf

Played at Wildcat today, on the Lakes course. The front nine was going oh so well, including a birdie at the par-3 4th hole, but then it went slightly down hill after that, and I managed to hit 2 quadruple bogeys in a row. Front nine was a worrysome 52. Back nine was slightly more consistent. Maybe not consistently good, but consistent. One or two pars, including par on the par-5 18th. End result was a 47, so an overall score of 99.

Big thing today is that I am now starting to realise that the problem with a lot of my shots is from overswinging, especially on the follow through. This results in me pulling the ball, or me having a nice hook. Eitherway, the result is not a ball on the green, ready to putt for birdie or at least par! When I slow things down and really try to control the follow through, things go better… so here is to trying to control that follow through on a more regular basis!!!!

Step BACK!!!

Mum Mum sent me this interesting article. We have all felt it, and I am sure some have done it, but the close talker phenomenon is interesting… and one that annoys me. Also, I always get a kick out of how people sit in the terminal at an airport. Always one seat between people if there is space. Always take the end seat and put a bag on the seat beside you to dissuade people from sitting near to you!

Star Ferry Go Bye Bye?

I have the European Tour golf on in tha background and was half listening when they talked about the last Star Ferry trip over the past weekend. I was stunned, especially as that was the only way I would go from Central to the Kowloon side (unless I was too drunk or if it was too late… or a combination of the two).

It seems that it is not closing, just being relocated… Phew! 🙂

WOooooooo HOOOooooo DAaaaaa

Phone line working, and even better they wired both lines to the single jack so that I can pick up both business and home line from same damn phone!

Even more exciting than that is the fact that we now have… A BIG SHINY, NEW, DLP TV!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Now all I need to do is run by Time Warner and pick up an HD capable cable box.

What a difference…

A day and a change of course makes! Got up early Sunday to play a round of golf at Hermann Park. We managed to get out immediately, and with no one in front of us for several holes. Result was completion of the round in under 3 hours. Although neither of us played well, my score certainly improved… by a whooping 21 strokes. Finished with a respectable 90. I say respectable, cause I should be shooting in the low to mid 80’s on that course… yes, it is that short and that easy, even from the tips!