OHHHHH…. so we thought all the utilities were working?

Seems we were wrong. Centerpoint, who provide us with Gas set up the account and a gut came out, noted that the meter was on and just took a meter reading… or so Centerpoint tells us.

By tail end of last week we had no hot water and we finally got around to testing the burners in the kitchen… and nothing! So I call Centerpoint and get a ‘someone will be there sometime today… between now (9am) and midnight!!! He finally turns up at 8:30PM, just after we had left to go to get some food… and yup it seems that someone from Centerpoint had turned the gas off and locked it… so something is not quite right here!

But now we have electricity, gas, internet, phone (although more work being done on the lines today!). All should now be in place and working! YAY

Does a month off help?

I managed to sneak a round of golf in this weekend… after what must be at least a month off. Result was an acceptable 99. I was striking the ball well for most of the round, managing to par 3 of the 4 par 3’s… or wait, it was 2 of the 4… My other par was on the par 4 before the first par 3… whoops! 🙂 Anyway, swing felt good, but my touch on and around the green was not good… which resulted in a lot more strokes that I should have had! Oh Well… can’t complain. I was expecting a lot worse! Next round? After the holiday in Puerto Rico! 😀


… and ye shall receive!

This be the first… and I certainly hope not the last… post from Bissonnet! Office is set up… phone working (kinda), DSL working (sorta) and packing happening slowly. We even has received and set-up the Massage Chair… although we had some cosmetic creation issues when we set it up (minor tear).

Here are some photos of the house before we closed… it is not much… mainly of the bedroom downstairs (my office) and the living/dining/kitchen areas.

OFFICE: From doorway, looking towards the door to the courtyard

OFFICE: From Doorway towards the door to the bathroom

OFFICE: From corner looking across the room

KITCHEN NOOK: From Kitch looking into the Kitchen Nook… which is now Mum Mum’s workarea!

KITCHEN: From Living Room

KITCHEN: From Kitchen Nook

LIVING ROOM: From Kitchen

LIVING ROOM: From Kitchen

STAIRWAY: Stairs up to the top floor and downstairs… from the Dining Room


More photos of the house with furniture to come… later… when it is a wee bit more presentable!!!

Can he actually do this?

Maybe I need a lawyer to weigh in on this… http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/6063926.stm but can the Bushster actually ‘block access to space to any country or group deemed hostile to its interests‘? Seems that like International waters, space is not owned by any one country… so how can this be enforced? The space above US soil? If so, to what altitude? does that mean that when the moon is over the US that the US owns that too? and the Sun? and the rest of the universe? Maybe I am just reading this wrong… let me know if I am!

Appointments completed early?? NAHHHH…

So I have no office phone at the moment, given that SBC were due to move the line over yesterday. Appointment was set for between 08:00 and 10:00. By 10:00 and several calls later they told me that they could not guarantee when the person would arrive. Long story short… it is still on going… not only is the service not working, but they changed my FEEKING number! My business line… what bunch of screwups.

Anyway, to the point of the post… I was on a conference call this morning and get another call (on mobile as office not working). It was TimeWarner cable tech who was outside Bissonnet to install the cable… a DAY EARLY. So I jump in the car, and rush over and manage to let him in, and WHOOOAAAHHH NELLLLY…. WE HAVE POWER. And now we also have cable!!! Oh… and an iJoy… which is a massage chair which will certainly get good use.

So back to the AT&T/SBC mess. I call up and so does Mum Mum (as she is moving her line across as well). The clusterbuck in this is that her move was put on hold due to an error… they had my line as primary instead of secondary one. She sweet talked a guy who went to the same highschool as her, and after a series of calls and stuff he managed to fix my problem… at least the changed number. That will be fixed by the end of the day. Problem with the line not working is still an issue, but lunchtime will be spent over at the house on the call with them. Update later in the day… from Bissy if the phone line and DSL are set up properly!!!

House… check…

Furniture… Check (1 Vase broken, bolts and bits for bunk beds M.I.A.)

Personal belongings… Check

Gas Utility… Check… set-up and activated

Phone… Check… Office line and DSL installation on Tuesday, Personal line on Thursday

Water… Check… part of the monthly maintenance


Yup, we are moved in and slowly but surely unpacking. I still need to move most of my office over… but I need utilities, including phone and internet working first. Seems that the lovely old owner decided to cancel the electricity and I did not get ours set up in time… so we are powerless until Wednesday (Lower cost alternative company could only do it a Week on Tuesday!). So by End of play Thursday we should be all set in terms of utilities, including cable… although our mailbox keys seem not to work… which is simply weird! :p

So the deed is done…

Now all we need is power! Closing at 10:00 CST was fairly painless and the sellers agent even managed to turn off the alarm that was armed after a power outage, resulting in the alarm going off every time we opened the door.

Anyway, so we start moving things in. We stop for a bite to eat, and after dinner we head over to the house for some celebatory champagne which I already had on ice. Problem… seems the seller cut the electricity off sometime today and it will take 3 business days to restart it… until then? Who knows, go to bed with the sun and up with the sun? Sleep elesewhere? Or use lamps and storm lanterns!

Eitherway, we will not have power and hence internet until mid-late next week, resulting in me working from Crooms for a while longer!!! Now 1:25 AM… need to be up early to finish the packign and lugging of loose items to Bissy… so sleepy time now! NITE NITE!