Angel Says…

Gentle Bloggity Reader,

Mister Dadawa is too busy to bother with keeping you entertained with his fumbling around golf courses and rocking of client worlds in the conference rooms of Mexico City, Virgina/DC, and other Godforsaken metropoli. I hope you find the following stopgap update adequate for your nefarious purposes.

Work: Flying around, eating too much, sleeping too little, getting brain tumors from cell-phone conference calls.

Home: Moving to new house and new office October 13-14. Office furniture has been bought. Chelsea is being packed into boxes for the movers, and Mum Mum’s moving sale is this weekend. I’m way ahead of her in terms of packing because I’ve packed my books already, and everything else of mine is pretty much in storage. She has an entire house to go. Lucky for her, both her mum and mine have offered to help. I’ve been assigned the job of “box assembler.” My training is sufficient for the position.

Bemer: Forward windscreen shield array weakened to nonexistent, resulting in psychologically discombobulating damage. Patching of hairline crack and glass chipping damage from torsion and environmental hazards complete, but full replacement imminent. Bugger.

Well, actually, it was probably rocks.

Capoeira: Having to miss weekday classes because of business travel.

Weekend classes have been temporarily cancelled.

Golf: No comment. Just anguish. At least the weather’s nice.

Leisure: (I believe that) I have finished watching all of the Season 2 DVDs for Battlestar Galactica (Note from Dadawa… actually, only finished first DVD of second half of Season 2… 2 more discs to go!), which I was desperate to buy, because everyone wanted them, and they only manufactured three copies in the whole wide world. Well, I got mine. Also, Friday night, I will be going to my third Live concert with Mum Mum, Kirsten, and Arthur. I like Live. I saw the new Jet Li movie and enjoyed it. I hope to see the Tony Jaa movie this weekend.

Vacation: Coming, not a minute too soon, except that I will have been in the new place just over a week before having to leave.


View from a hotel…

So I am down in Mexico City for a workshop this week, and this is the site that I have out from the window of my hotel…

I knew that Mexico City was big, but you really don’t know until you see it on the approach in the plane! Man this place is big! 🙂

Latest Photos…

So offer has been accepted on 2436 Bissonnet. Closing in mid October. Piedmont will be sold (whenever I can). Still, having been involved in this development for so long, I will keep taking and posting photos, so here goes…

Was not pretty…

Yup, that would be my golf game! Still struggling to break 100, which is ridiculous. Started out with a bogey, due to a 3-putt. Missed an eagle putt by no more than 6 inches on the second(had the line, not the pace). Missed a par put by half a rotation on the 3rd, then it fell apart… missed swings, and a succession of bad putts resulted in a 103 or 104 overall (I forget!).


Seems I forgot to update on my golf over the weekend. Yes, I did try to play over the weekend, although it was a little wet. We played at Longwood up in the sticks. Nice enough course. It was raining before we started, it continued to rain while we played, and only let up sometime on the back nine. That being said, I was not playing great, a lot to do with my short game and putting, but I managed to play better in the rain than when the rain stopped. Highlight of the day? 1 birdie and a couple of pars, but the rest was pretty dismal! Oh well, I was still a good 22 shots better than when I played Redstone!! 🙂


I had picked up the Earthsea Quartet book by Ursula Le Guin a couple of years ago and got round to reading it early last year. Then came the miniseries on the Sci-Fi Channel. I thought that they did some interesting, and very unusual things with the storyline (like completely changing it… including the skin colour of oh, nearly all the characters!). I was surprised that an author would allow this to happen if they had any say in the process… and by the article on the other end of this link (, it seems that she was not! So There! :p

Whooaaaa Nellly!!!!

Tired, want to sleep, but must post…

Seriously, just wanted to post a quick note that we put in an offer on the house on Bissonnet and the offer was accepted! We got a fantastic deal (thanks to our real estate agent Julianti!) and the final negotiation piece on the table is the closing date, which will probably be mid October!!!!