Level 3, funky stones…

Third level of the framing on Building I is under construction. Level 2 on Building II looks like it is about to start. Also the exterior stone facade is starting to be built, and I really do like the look of them!

While I was up in Michigan this week I got a call to set up an appointment to rechoose cabinets and colours and such for some of the finishes… Seems they have switched suppliers… I just hope it does not impact the quality!


I have been onsite since 7am this morning. Breakfast was a Milkyway Bar (American for Mars Bar) as was lunch (although I did have a coke with lunch and some cookies later in the afternoon). Working until 5pm basically non-stop.

End result is that I missed the France-Spain match, but the best thing I have seen on a PC in a long time are the following (from the bbc.co.uk website);

41 mins: GOAL Spain 1-1 France

Franck Ribery shows Thierry Henry how to break the offside trap. Patrick Vieira releases the youngster who rounds Iker Casillas on the edge of the area and strokes the ball home left footed beyond Mariano Pernia’s outstretched leg. Henry was standing offside but in a position deemed passive.

84 mins: GOAL Spain 1-2 France

Zinedine Zidane’s free-kick is flicked on to the back post where Patrick Vieira heads the ball home. Sergio Ramos gets the last touch but the Frenchman is credited with the goal.

90 + 2 mins: GOAL Spain 1-3 France

That’s the way to finish the night. Forget that yellow card. Zinedine Zidane is the beneficiary of a poor Cesc Fabregas pass and turns Carles Puyol before powering a shot beyond Iker Casillas.

BRING ON BRAZIL! Maybe all is not lost for LES BLEUS!!!

Did not start well…

Most of the first nine was pretty horrid to be honest. Can only remember one par through the first 8 holes. I did manage to par the 9th, a tough par 5. That started me going on a run for the back nine. Back nine was going pretty well, except the odd bad shot. My problem was putting… 3 putted WAY too much. Did birdie the first par 5 on the back nine, and managed to avoid falling apart on the second one. End result was 53 on the front and 41 on the back (tying my best score for 9 holes on that course). Overall… 94… and would have been a lot better if not for the front nine! Now? Time to pack and get ready to head back onto the road. This week is Detroit! :p

So they can win!!!

Spent most of Friday afternoon on conference calls, while watching the France match in the background… when they managed to score each of the goals (end result 2-0) I had to check myself from shouting down the phone! Would not have been the best thing to do me thinks! 🙂 Next step? Spain on Tuesday! Allez Les Bleus!!! Will be very tough from here on out. Even if they get past Spain the next step will be Brazil!!!

Apart from 3 Quadruple Bogeys (Which is not a good score)…

Things went well today! :p Still managed to hit 100… which is way too high, but still. Highlight of the day was hitting my 3-iron 227 yards (as measured by Frank’s range finder!), up between 2 bunkers, rolling it onto the green where the group in front where just walking off! :p Was playing consistent bogey golf on the back nine after 2 quadruple’s on the 8th and 9th, until the 18th, which is where I got my other quadruple! All this at Memorial Park. Tomorrow? Highlands again!

This is getting crazy!!!

Nearly getting as bad as Adam’s home office… although I understand some of that may be going into storage while he jaunts off to the Far East to huddle in a small apartment in KL and work ‘tupid hours!

The reason for laptop 3 is the cutomer I am working with at the moment… I am expected to manage their overall project, including the plan, and do so inside their internal systems… hence the laptop! Although it will stay at home when I am travelling to other clients (not pulling 2 laptops around all over the place!!!)


So my flight is delayed… as per usual. We land in Hartford just before 1am EST. By the time I get the car and hit the road it is closer to 1:30. The route I take to Groton takes me not on the highway all the way, but along smaller roads, although still highway like for most of the way. Did get a bit spooky when I got near Salem… You could see Lightening in the distance, there was a lot of fog, which kept just appearing in patches in front of the car, it was raining, and of course it was dark… I can certainly imagine how people would get freaked at the setting… but I thought it was one of the nicer rides I have taken lately!

Framing… rain… and photos

So we had a nice big storm come through last night and this morning, which was kind enough to drop over 10 inches of rain in some parts of Houston, so naturally things are flooded, and a lot of construction work stopped for the day… including it seems the Piedmont… DAMN THIS WEATHER THING, causing more delays to my condo! ERGGGH!!! 🙂 Here are the photos I took when I drove by earlier today…