Looking for a wife?

Then check out the intimates section in Foleys, in the Galleria!

Mum Mum was trying some clothes on, so I am hanging around the cashiers desk waiting (they really need a bar with TV, sports, beer and pool table for the guys waiting on their signficant others… leaving them hanging, surrounded by female apparel is just down right WRONG!). Anyway, the cashier asks me if I am waiting for someone, which I reply ‘of course… she is in there… doing her thing!’. What surprised me was how relieved she looked! Seems that she had experience (and a fair bit this weekend) of men hanging around, and in her words ‘wife shopping.’

Crazy what some people do… it really is! So, if you are single and on the hunt… forget the bars, forget these pokey internet dating sites… Womens underwear section in your local department store is the place to be!!!

Long weekend = long golf!

Managed to play on both Saturday and Sunday. Got slightly wet on Sunday due to the isolated T-Showers that passed through the area. Neither day was anythng to write home about. 101 on the Highlands course at widlcat, and a lot of that was due to bad putting, and loose iron shots, but it was an honest 101. I do know people who, shall we say, have some creative accounting when it comes to shot keeping!

Sunday was the wet day up at Tour 18. Course is in fantastic condition, but still plays very, very, very slowly! Tee on the first was down the right side of the fairway, oh a little over 300 yards I think! Wedge to the edge of the green then a one-putt for birdie!!! Then a triple-bogey! Then Par. That was the way my front nine went… woefully inconsistent, but still a 44, which is not bad on that course (8 over par for the nine). The back nine is when it fell apart. I blame the fact that we did not manage to stop to get some lunch, which left me very hungry! Bounces did not quite go my way on this nine, and bad putting resulted in a 53, overall score 97. Not the best, but still not a bad score for such a tough course! And the couple of 300+ yard drives certainly helped… now if I could only learn to play out of the bunker and to putt decently, I would be in decent form (oh, except for the flaws in my swing, which I can feel yet not fix, and the distance control on my irons, oh and the alignment on my iron, drive and putts!!!).

The reason for the title, which I forgot to explain is that on Sunday we were stuck behind a four-ball who on the first tee all bar one managed to stick their tee-shot into the out of bounds rough on the left… and it only got worse! nearly 3 hours for the front nine drove us up the bloody wall, and resulted in us rushing to get ahead of them on the 10th tee… which we managed, but barely!!!

Good golf? I thoink so! Shame about things after that!!!

Managed to get two rounds in over the weekend. One at Hermann Park where I had to leave after playing 13 holes due to having to wait for over 90minutes to get on the course (bad time management on the starter and the whole course!). Can’t even remember what I scored there… but on Sunday I played the Highlands course with Jacob and we both had record days… he hit a 77 and me an 86 (there is a story behind that… but I am under NDA, so cannot disclose that!!!).

You would think that I would leave in a great mood? Well, I did… up until I reached my car. When I got to my car, things changed drastically! The tire that had been giving me grief earlier this year was completely flat when I arrived, and it took Roadside Assisstance over an hour to come out to replace the tire. I did have a full spare in the trunk, but did not realise until after the fact that I had all the tools needed to replace it… and hell, why pay for roadshide assisstonce if you are not going to use it?!?!?!

Anyway, after that hour long delay, I start to head home, taking the freeway, guessing that it would be the quickest way, given all the construction we have across the city… WRONG! I end up getting stuck in a jam for about 45 minutes on the 45… ARGHHHHH… frustrating!

Anyway, that was my Sunday… how was yours???? 🙂

Finally… the photos are here!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… so they have been sitting on my digital camera for a couple of days (really no more than a couple!), but here they are… and you can clearly see evidence of an elevator shaft, or some weird altar that they are building to some exotic South Eastern Texas God! 🙂

Just a quick note…

Played at Hermann today and hit a 97. The main thing that saved me was my putting. In the early holes I could not miss, and for the rest of the round I was putting very well (although I did miss a couple of short ones). I did have several birdie putts (although very long ones) and I turned them into bogeys!

Other news, the scaffolding is nearly complete, and they have actually started to lay the concrete so things are going well. I will try to get photos taken and up before I fly, but I will be up in Jersey for most of the week running a workshop, so I may not get a chance! If I don’t… then I damn sure hope the place will still be there when I get back!!!!!

Shortly after the encounter with the Pastafarian…

We went to Petsmart to pick up a toy for the little cats (they are no longer kittens!). My mum had picked up a feather on a elastic and stick for their birthday and both Charlie and Cammie loved them… to the point that they destroyed them within a month of getting them. So I picked up another one for each of the cats.

When we walked out of the shop we hear a woman screaming… so we take a gander down to see what the commotion is about. Seems that this woman stepped out of her car and had her 3-yr old son in one arm and her purse in the other. A guy then jumps her with a knife demanding her purse. She refuses, but he gets it after attacking her with the knife and he runs off.

Several people follow the idiot and he drops the bag further down the road. She is completely shaken up over the whole ordeal (understandably). She had a small cut on her finger which we helped patch up… and the kid was fine… was actually a really good kid, trying to help his mum out saying that he was fine. He did turn to me and said ‘I very hate that man!’.

Long and short, he attacked her in a decent area of town, in rush hour, with lots of people around. She was stupid in that she refused to give him her purse when he had a knife and she had her kid in her arms! Think it even made the evening news!