It do be the number one reason for road rage a recent survey has concluded… and I would not disagree with that statement, based on my experience last night.

I had just dropped by Mum Mum’s to pick up my bag after Capoeira class. It was nearing to 23:00 and I was hot, sweaty, and tired. Result was me taking it easy on the drive home. I stop at a set of lights and suddenly this pick-up truck appears behind me. No big deal as the lights were red… They then turned green and that is when the fun started!

I take off from the lights, although not pushing at all and the guy behind starts tailgating me… and real feeking close at that! I proceed to forget that I have an accelerator and the car starts to slow down… I suddenly him accelerate behind me and try and overtake me on the outside. The thing to remember is I am in the outside lane, and he was overtaking (illegally i am sure) on the outside… My automatic reaction was to accelerate back up to speed to stop him (I know not nice, and not strictly right, but this guy had pissed me off). I proceed to drive at the speed limit, right alongside another car… end result is me having a big lump of shit hanging off the back of my car (the pickup that is… he was tailing me the whole way!).

At one point I see the lights ahead turn green and I floor it, which results in me leaving him in the dust. as I pull up to the lights at Westheimer and move into the filter lane to turn left, he comes screeching up, nearly taking the back corner off my car and screeches to a halt. He then starts making all these gestures and giving me ‘angry’ looks, to which I just smile and shake my head. The lights turn green for me first (he is going straight) and I give him the wanker salute as I drive by… but I really think the guy was too stupid to know what it means.

All in all and interesting drive home, certainly not what i expected, and it just reinforces my opinion that people like that should have their cars turned into junk metal, their licences shredded, and while we are at it, castrate the asshole… I don’t think his genes are anything that should be allowed to continue to propagate!!!

Sure the craze has passed but…

I was in the hire car in Milwaukee on Thursday evening and again on Friday, and heard the big hit from the James Blunt album (You’re Beautiful), and I realised how much I liked the song and went out to pick up the album on Saturday evening and I love it!! Good voice, good songs, well produced. The lyrics are a bit trite at times mayhap, but hell I don’t overly care!!!

Preggie 8yr olds… Death by dehydration… and so much more I am sure!

Meant to post this a while a go. Mum Mum any myself treated ourselves to a high-class romantic type dinner at Chick-fil-a (Well, with someone on Weight Watchers, it really is a bit of a treat [honest!]). While sitting there eating we saw the usual weirdos walking through including this girl, who could not have been much more than 8, and if she was not in the late stages of pregnacy then she should be barred from stepping within 100 yards of any fast food joint. My only question is how could her parents let her get knocked up or allow her to continue to eat so badly that she gains that much weight???


This past weekend there was a lot going on in Houston. There was the Shell Houston Open (PGA golf tournament) and the International Festival (iFest). After getting back into town late Friday night from Milwaukee where I was for a 3-hour meeting, we went to Capoeira training on Saturday morning. From there I went home, showered up and headed straight up to Humble (pronounced with a silent H) to watch some golf. Leaving the car in the parking lot of a mall, you take a shuttle bus to the course. I then spent 3 hours walking around trying to find a good spot to watch some golf. I saw some great shots, and some shots that the pros were unhappy with, but which I would consider great if I hit them! :p Anyway, after 3 hours in the sun, I head back into town (taking close to an hour to get the bus back and then wandering round trying to fin the car in the massive mall lot! I then grab a bite to eat, get changed and head down to the iFest for a street Roda. After playing both Capoeira and Maculele I proceed to find water and almost die from dehydration. I was completely parched! Spent the rest of the evening drinking and not needing to pee! 😮

Sunday, which is normally golf day, was not. I was tired, and none of my local golf buddies managed to organise a round, so I spent the day, reading, eating and going to friend’s places for coffee! Much more relaxed than Saturday!

Final happening was the realisation at 3:30 am Monday morning that I had not put my time into the HP time card system. Normally I would not care, but management is cracking down and I would have expected a call from some big wig in management giving me a lecture on bla bla bla… anyway, 3:30 in the morning and I stumble downstairs to put my time into the system… needless to say, I am slightly tired today, but hey Monday is one step closer to the weekend again, where I hope to catch up on some lost sleep!

Fat chicks, bad parking and obnoxious idiots

Friday night we went to have breakfast for dinner (mmmmmm… Breakfast!!!) a the House of Pies. Well we had two couples sharing a booth behind us… all of a slightly older generation. One of the women gets a call from either her daughter, granddaughter, great-grand… you get the idea. Any way, it was a cause for celebration as the daughter had just gotten engaged. Seems the boyfriend brought her up to the roof and said ‘we have so many great memories together in this city, what is your favourite?’… and bla bla bla he pops the questions. very romantic, bla bla bla. How do I know all this, you ask? Well, quite simple really… the stupid obnoxius biatch was kind enough to put the girl on speakerphone and talk loudly enough for the whole restaurant to hear!


Before we made it to breakfast for dinner, we were running some errands, including going to Target (which by the way has great deals on cat food, Kashi bars and Top Flite golf balls, it would seem). We park up and right beside us is this dipstick who I thought was just pulling through to the next lane, or was waiting on someone, or at least had broken down… but NOOOOOOOOOOO she actually had parked. Now, if you have ever been to the US, you will know that the car parking spaces tend to be big enough to house a family of 4… i.e. they are huge! Well, as the photo below shows (not very well I might add), she managed to take up not 1, not 2, hell not even 3 spots, but 4 of them! And she quite happily jumped out of her car and went into the shop! Astounding!!!


Finally… we went to play pool with Arthur and Kirsten on Saturday night, and at a table near to us was this incredibly fat chick in tight jeans and a, what looked like, crop top… I think it was meant to be a full size top, but her belly was just too big! She, at various points, tried to tuck her belly into her jeans, which failed miserably, resulting in the top riding up higher and the flab jiggling like Homer Simpson taking his physical (‘Wooo Watch That Blubber Fly!!’). Needless to say, if you saw that, you would instantly want to go on a diet… regardless of how much you weigh!

And it started oh so well…

I played the Highlands course at Wildcat on Saturday. First hole was a 2 over-par 6, after my drive went into the crap! After that I went par, par, par, par! So 2 over through 5. That helped me to a respectable 45 on the front 9 (9 over par). The back nine started with a string of bogeys, which would seem to be ok… but that included me hitting to the fringe of the green in 2 on the first par 5, and then subsequently taking another four strokes to finish the hole off! My game started to come apart at the edges later on the back nine, and I just managed to crawl over the finish line at 99, just cracking 100… And I was hoping to come closer to cracking 90 after the front 9! Oh vell, next time maybe! 🙂

Evil!!! Evil!!! Evil!!!

That must be what we all are. The news was on in the background last night, and one story caught my attention…Student expelled for being gay.

yup at the University of the Cumberlands a 20 year old student was expelled because he wrote on a personal webpage that he was gay.



The thing that really gets to me is not just what the University President said;

Any student who engages in or promotes sexual behavior not consistent with Christian principles (including sex outside marriage and homosexuality) may be suspended or asked to withdraw from the University of the Cumberlands

At the University of the Cumberlands, we hold students to a higher standard. Students know the rules before they come to this institution. We’ve followed our policies and procedures in keeping with our traditional denominational beliefs

… but what did get to me was what one student who was interviewed said. It went something like;

…I don’t understand why he was expelled. He was openly gay but did not flaunt it. And, a lot of other people do things that are evil like drinking, having sex and drugs

Now if they were doing all three at once that would be interesting, but shit on me… who would want to go to a freak show uni like this???? Glad I went to a liberal religious school like King’s! :p

Okay… so it is not the framing… but still

It do be progress! Mum Mum was kind enough to crush all my hopes of the framing going up on Building I, but she is right… it is just the scaffolding going up… but that does mean that the foundation/flooring will soon be slapped down (hopefully they do a better job than just slapping it down! :p). What will be the covered carpark has also been completed (or so it seems from afar!!!)

Is it coming back?

My golf game that is!?!?

I took part in a charity golf tournament this week and we managed to card a 4 under par playing a scramble. We certainly should have been more, but putting let the whole team down. My game was up and down during that round, with my drive seemingly going far and fairly straight.

Sunday morning I played at Hermann Park. Took driver at the short 300 yard par-4. I managed to get a a real good hit, and was actually green-high, but was off to the left… end result was not pretty. For the rest off the day my drive was normally long and straight enough, and the rest of my game started to come together… I had many an attempt at birdies, but the putting was not quite as good as it should be. Missing a makeable birdie putt from the fringe on the 18th resulted in a par… end result was 90… which is closer to where I should be playing at Hermann, but still a couple shots too many! :p

WOOOOO HOOOOO…. My Baby has come home!!!

Yup, seems that the fuel pump caused a short in a fuse… which meant the car was cranking but not starting… pump and fuse replaced… and all at no cost!

As soon as I started to drive away, the difference in feel between the Cherokee and the BMW was incredible… I know it is expected, but the BMW feels sooo much more grounded and solid… that really was a great buy… sooo much happier than I imagine I would have been with the RX-8!!!

Could it be????

I drove by the development this morning, was expecting to see them laying the conrete for the Building 2 side of things… and they probably are, but half the road was cut off due to a big truck sitting in the way… but what I did see was what looked strangely like framing for Building 1… yup, it looks like they are already starting to put the framing up! Only days away from completion I guess! :p (still looking at end of the year for Building 2 completion!!).

Photos to follow sooooonn…..