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Well I guess it could not last…

After my astounding back nine last week, it all fell apart today, 58 on the front nine, and I ended up sitting out the last hole and a half due to a bad back, at least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it… and honestly, my back is freaking killing me this afternoon. It was tight to start, and just got worse, and no amount of stretching was helping!

Guess it is lucky I am not playing tomorrow as I don’t know if my ego could take the beating, nor if my back could! :p Next week it is… lets just hope I manage to get some practice in between now and then, and that my back recovers!

H-1… The Photos…

Okay. Now, well, these photos certainly do not do the floorplan jsutice in my mind, but hey, they are all I have, so here goes!!!

This is a view into the study. I will not have the bench in there as I will be getting my own desk. On the left is a door way to the kitchen (it has pocket doors)

This is a view into cupboard in the bedroom. Actually the cupboard is off the bathrooom. It is a lot bigger than it looks in this photo!

This is the bath tub. There is also a separate shower!

This is the sink in the bathroom. There are his and hers sinks that both look like this and will have mirrors above them.

The Bedroom. Will fit my bed and one or two other things… but I have a BIG bed, so not too much else! 🙂

Another photo of the bedroom

Bad photo of the kitchen. Does not show all the space, the fridge, microwave, oven, wine cooler, nor does it show how it is connected to the living/dining room… in real life it looks very cool! 😀

Living room (will have hardwood floors!

Another photo of living/dining room (With a view of the decking area I will have… or at least something similar!!)

Living room again!

Interesting Photos…

So a couple of weeks ago Mum Mum and myself were coming back from somewhere in South West Houston… probably furniture shopping! Anyway, the 59 was chock-a-block and this is why…

Looked like someone had rear-ended the SUV, which then proceeded to flip over and cause carnage… the other car veered right and ended up across the feeder road! What a nightmare… Just hope everyone was okay!

The next photo is nowhere near as scary! Last weekend, we went out to look at the Vistas (probably for the final time!!!) and across the road, where they are building new townhomes, there was a open house going on. Just as we are leaving, this is the site that we see…

Someone who had been at the openhouse drove their car into the ditch… now I doubt that they will be buying that house… but I imagine this is not the last time we will see that type of thing going on!!!!

Piedmont… the latest…

It has been a while since I hace posted an update with regards to the Piedmont development. There are, in fact, several things to update on;

  • The Build: All foundation pylons have been built, and they are now actually laying the foundation themselves (the surface of which will be the covered parking lot, on which the whole development will sit.
  • The Completed Condo: I went by the vistas over the weekend with Mum Mum and my mum to see a completed H-1 (which is the floor plan I have purchased). The end result os really nice. The enclosed decking area that I will have is incredibly large… I will have to find some appropriate garden furniture!!! The inside looks really nice, although when the build starts, I will have some slight changes to make, including how the study looks (pocket doors or no door, height of electrical sockets, etc.). The overall look is really, really nice! 😛 I have photos, and will post them soon.
  • The Compensation: Seems that if I push too hard, too soon, the developer will just say ‘if you don’t like it, then break the contract and go somewhere else!’ Basically, they are not goint to make a lot of money on the development, and they would not be too sad to see some of the early adopters move on… means that they can sell the units at a higher price! I will bide my time and see what I can get, but long and short is that it is a good investment.

  • So I am on the road again…

    ‘Ain’t that a Willie Nelson song?’

    So I am up in Detroit working on another project. Staying at the Marriott in Livonia. I arrive and check in without a problem. I get given my key and told the room number and off I trundle up to the room… When I get there I try the key, and no luck… hmmm… so I try again, and again, and again… knowing how fickle the key card things are. Still no luck, so I head back down to the front desk.

    The girl asks what room I was in, so I tell her. She then proceeds to reprogram my key and sends me on my way, with a helper to help! I Arrive, try the key and hey presto it works!!! The guy starts to walk away, and I start to walk into the room, only to see a laptop on the desk and toiletries in the bathroom! Luckily that was all there was, so I backed out quickly and call to the guy.

    After another trip down to the front desk, it turns out that she wrote down the wrong number the first time round, then reprogrammed my key from the right room to the wrong room! Man am I glad that there was no one in the room when I walked in! DAMN, would I have been pissed if someone walked into my room while I was in there!!!! Silly Hotel employees! :p

    Bad bounces, lost balls, and the back 9 to be remembered…

    Lakes course at Wildcat. Wind was extremely blustery… playing havoc with any and all shots. Front nine started off with a drop shot on the first cause a ball that should have been short of the green, and probably off the fairway, but was nowhere to be seen! Second had a ball drift off into the crap and another drop. Then a par followed by a birdie (yup two in two days… certainly must be a record! :p). The rest of the front nine was a bit of a nightmare.

    Then comes the back nine. Bogey on the 10th leads us to the 11th. Drive was long and straight, sitting about 130yards out in the middle of the fairway. The second shot went up, but without as much loft as I wanted… shot is heading straight towards the pin and BLAM, it hit the pin then jumps back off the green. Then a coule of poor chips and putts, resulting in a double bogey (yup a potential eagle turns into a double bogey! 🙁 ). After that, par, par, bogey, par, par, par, bogey, resulting in a 5-over 41 on the back nine.

    Overall score… 92, certainly a record for me at Wildcat, the first time that the lakes course had not completely kicked my butt, and with a 41 on the back 9, a feat that I did not expect especially on that course with that wind! Hopefully I can pull it together for a full 18 holes! Now that would be some nice golf! 😀