Time to Waste? If not, then you gotta check out the WAR BEARS!!!

I came across this game by complete accident. I was listening to one of the local radio stations (94.5 The Buzz – http://www.thebuzz.com) and they mentioned a game that they had found and posted on their site.

Obviously as I am actually really busy today (seriously, I am!!) and so I had to check it out. The game they mention is funny (you are a ninja throwing Shuriken at bad guys!), but I looked to see what else they had on the site, and what did I find? WAR BEARS

BEWARE, if you follow the link be prepared to lose a lot of time! I am just into the game, but HAVE TO walk away from it to work!!!

Although he lost…

Tiger Woods still drew the best comment out of one of the commentators on ESPN today. Tiger was in the crap on the 18th, down by one and needing to hit the green on his second shot. He takes a 5 wood and prepares to rip it… which makes Nick Faldo say ‘…having rotator cups the size of a hummer certainly helps with this shot!’

Don’t Screw with a Tiger…

So the Accenture Matchplay of Golf got underway today. Always some great golf played at this tournament.

In the first round Stephen Ames was due to face Tiger Woods and as an aside comment, Ames said something along the lines of ‘I do have a chance seeing where Tiger is hitting these days’ referring to Tiger not always hitting the ball all that straight (Although Tiger has a funny saying that his game reflects the fact that he is an Army Brat, what with hits shots going ‘Right, Left, Right, Left, Right!!!’).

End result… Tiger hits 7 birdies on the front 9 and ends the match 9 and 8 (winning after 10 hours). Yup, that is a record setting whoopin’!!!

Bed and Table… and yet no house to put them in!!!!

Given that the build of the condo is progressing, albeit slowly, I am now looking at pricing up furniture. That is what Mum Mum and myself were doing on Saturday afternoon while we waited to pick up Adam and Kate (who are now safely back in London!) and I saw a great dining room table and saw again the bed I wanted to get.

On Monday evening, after dropping Adam and Kate at IAH, I had to drop by Star Outlet (the outlet warehouse for Star Furniture) to pick up some ottomans that Mum Mum bought (at a great discount!!). I decided to get the table as it was at a great price and were selling quickly. Little did I realise that they were also having a promotion where they would take the sales tax out of the total price, i.e. an additional 8.25% discount. The result is that the bed (King sized) and table shown below will be delivered flat packed on Friday, along with 6 chairs for the table. They will then be transferred over to my storage unit until I can make use of them!