Not Sure if this Classifies as a Rant but…

Okay, so it is late January… the time of year when I am used to wrapping up warmly and braving the cold and wet of winter… Snow if we are lucky! And yet…

I am actually sitting here in summer clothes (linen shirt and trousers… that is pants for the Americans out there!) with nothign less than a nice slight sunburn on my face and the back of my neck.

I was out playing golf on the Lakes course at Highlands and somehow managed to get a bit of sun. I also managed to break 100 (granted I barely did with a 99 but still!) while watching the two guys Frank and myself were playing with were trying to hit the group in front of us on what seemed like every hole… which resulted in a stream of verbal abuse which was well deserved from the guys in front. Seems like there is little golf etiquette that has actually survived these days!

Anyway off track I was… Sunburnt in January! Kind of thing I would expect if I was on holiday in the tropics. Guess that confirms it, I am not living that far away from them! 😀 I do like this better than being cold and wet all the time like I was in London!

Site Widgets…

Now when I get in the mood, I can update the site with a Calvin image of my mood! 🙂

And random quotes now appear on homepage… more to come… and yes, nearly all the current ones are of Calvin & Hobbes! Gotta love that little brat… reminds me of Charlie!

Notice the Changes?

Nothing major, just some minor tweaks on how the site look… mainly removing some of the borders on the tables… I liked them at first, but have started to get tired of them lately!

Still working on the DVD section… mainly inputting all my DVD’s and their info into the Database, and a fulltime job really takes away from my ability to process them quickly! I may build the front-end part soon then the DVD’s will simply appear as and when I manage to catalogue them!


I never thought I would be excited to see concrete… Heck I have never been that fascinated with construction sites, except when we would investigate them as a kid and perhaps mess around in them! 8)

Yup, construction has moved onto the next phase… Photos will follow shortly!

Bob the Builder?

These photos are nearly a week old so I will take and upload some more later this week… but they seem to be digging and putting in the pylons for the foundation… so progress is still being made! I just hope that the rain we had yesterday (Sunday) will not slow things down or stop the construction while the ground soaks up the water!


Portfolio issues resolved… I forgot that Linux is case sensitive, including image/link names. Lucky I have a script to help me update the DB with the correct names for all the image! Me need to be more careful in the future!

Portfolio Issues

Seems to be problems with the Photos I have previously uploaded to the server… most of them not working so I deleted them, and I am slowly trying to get them online… May have to bring Technical Support in on the job!

Site Transfer… COMPLETE

Site is transfered. Having some issues with sending mail, and uploading files through CF… but hopefullyt they are just glitches. I have to say, tech support is very responsive!

Oh… now emailing me at (with anything being any word you wish!)