Holy Carp! Have they actually started?

Maybe it is wishful thinking, but there is some movement on the Piedmont Condo development where I should already have been living for about, oh, 7 or 8 months now!

The latest email I had from shortly before Christmas was that they did not see the point in starting to build with only three days until xmas, so they would start on Jan 3rd (Bad project management in my view! Just cause they only have three days left and a full week between Christmas and New Year… but hey as they are months behind, what is a couple of days!!). It seems that I was misinformed… and in a good way this time.

Driving by the site yesterday there were guys with bulldozers diggin’ up the few remaining trees on the site… could this actually mean they have started the construction phase? Could this mean I will actually get to move in? When will it be complete? What bed, sofa, and more importantly big screen TV will I buy?!?!?!?! All these questions, and no answers at the moment! 🙁

Anyway… YEY! (Dadawa does a happy dance!) Photos to follow soon! 🙂

FEMA – What a joke!

After Hurricane Katrina and Rita, hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless across the gulf coast both in Lousiana and South East Texas. So what is FEMA’s first priority? You would think that it would be rebuilding the infrastructure required to allow people back, and sufficient housing to allow people back, and as such to allow business’ to reopen.

While watching the New Orlean Saints and the Atlanta Saints on Monday Night Football, they had a story about the fact that the Saints are now playing in San Antonio and Baton Rouge. Anyway, as part of the story they showed aerial views of the devastated areas, taken last Friday, where the areas are still uninhabitable.

The story focused on that FEMA were kind enough to take over the training facility for the New Orleans Saints and fix it up so that it is now in pristine condition… is this really the best use of Federal money which should be used to help the unfortunate souls affected by the hurricanes.

ARGH… That does get to me! 🙂

Piedmont… What Goes???

After my last post where I was made aware that the building permits, oh back on the 18th October, not much has happened. I was expecting the groundbreaking to take place the week of Thanskgiving, but noooo, that was not to happen. Now I have been told the following;

Thursday we will break ground, beginning with piers etc..

Had an emergency (construction) last week with Vistas. City of Houston @#$%@#$%$%^. 🙂

I will drive by on Thursday, and if they have started, I will be stunned! If it does happen, then all I will then need to figure out is when it will be complete and what compensation I will receive for waiting between 18-24 months more than I should have for the condo! 8)