A Week Later…

Last weekend I managed to break 100 at Tour 18, one of the longer and tougher courses I have played in the US. This weekend was the Higlands course at Wildcat. with heat inde of 105 degrees Fahrenite, I managed to beat my previous best at that course by 12 or more shots!

So it can be done!!!

After months of struggling with my golf game (including a great ability to slice my driver the the point that it would go abut 30 yards forward and 50-100 to the right), things are starting to come together!

Last weekend I managed to break 100 for the first time in a long time on a long course, and this past weekend I broke 100 at Tour 18… one of the tougher courses I have played in a long time! Driver finally going straight, and a fair distance, now I just need to figure out my short game! 🙂

Surprise! It’s Your Birthday!!!

As some of you may know, yesterday, the 31st July was my birthday. I spent most of the day playing golf, and was expecting to get home for around 5:30. The round finished early (with me hitting consecutive pars on 17th and 18th holes!!!) and so I headed home.

Unfortunately, my mum and Mum Mum were setting up for a bit of a surprise party… me being the observant person that I am, I missed all the signs and after going up for a shower, I return to find a load of people from class and Kirsten and Arthur there to surprise me for my birthday!

Thanks to everyone who came… it certainly was a surprise, and a good one at that!

Here are the photos that were taken using my camera!