People who can’t Park

It certainly is a pet peeve of mine. Idiots who cannot park. The spaces over here in Texas are big enough to park a herd of cows in, but still people manage to take up 2, 3 and I have even seen a car (and not a strech limo or a hummer) take up 4 spots.

Today topped it off. The road we live on is small enough. You cannot really get two cars down without it being a serious squeeze. Also, with the construction going on across the road, there is even less space. At the moment we have a trailer parked on one side of the road making it impossible to get two cars through. As I came back from picking up lunch someone was ‘parked‘ on the otherside of the road where there is private parking for our housing complex. Unfortunately, the person, who was driving a massive pick-up, managed to park it about 4-5 feet away from the fence.

The end result was I could not get by. After honking the horn, someone came out and told me that I should ‘just reverse out’. Essentially, I should reverse out and go round the block to get ahead 10 feet to the entrance to the garage.

Needless to say my response was less than pleasant. When he was slow and reluctant to move I kinda, slightly lost it. As I was getting back into my car after the ‘reverse back’ comment I said ‘for fuck sake’. This deteriorated to him standing over me trying to scare me… it was really kinda funny.

Anyway, next time he is back and parks the same way, I will have to take the car out, drive round the block and get him to move again! :p


Ok. I have rearranged how the News sections work on the site. Now any active news will be listed by date, all intertwined and will be listed simply by date.

In addition, I have added another section. There are things that tick me off at times, and this will be my place to vent. Be it Stupid drivers, stupid people on TV, stupid people in general, Travel nightmares, bla bla bla, it will be posted here when I get worked up about something!

Carolina’s Farewell Drinks!

Carolina, central figure at both Cafu Capoeira and Yvonne’s Afro-Brazilian dance class is off to Brazil to spend two years teaching 4th Graders!

Best of luck to here, and I hope she does not forget the poor souls she has left behind in Texas.

Here is a link to some photos taken at her farewell drinks at the Social last Friday night. Posted in Capoeira | Leave a reply

Still Huntin’ and Flyin’

5 Weeks in a row is the new record for me in terms of consecutive weeks travelling… I am just glad I get home every weekend (and the fact that I am not travelling all week, every week). Back up in Detroit this week for a review of the architecture with our facvourite client GM.

On the house hunting front, I need to catch up with the guy who is trying to get me a loan for a house… amazing how fucking complicated it is to get a loan when you have both money in the bank and a solid income coming in every month!

Travel, Travel, Travel

Updates have been in short supply of late… mainly cause I have been on the road basically every week for the last month! Detroit, St Louis, Washington… oh well, at least the airmiles are flowing my way now! 🙂

I will be shortly changing the news section so that the My News and Site News will be shown as one… basically any current news will be listed. I am also contemplating adding a My Rants section… just so that I can vent about crap! 😀

House Hunting Complications

Okay, so after deciding to pull out of the Innerloop Condos development, I have been looking at alternatives (see House Hunting on the menu on the left). I haev seen some very nice townhomes, which are generally two bedrooms across 3 floors, and most are around 1800 square feet.

The problem now is getting a mortgage! As I don’t have two years of credit history here in the US, things are exteremly complicated… I have options, just need time to work through them. Just as I need time, work of course has to get busy… Last week Detroit and St. Louis, This coming week Detoit, next week… Washington, week after that possibly Detroit again!