Yup… This is mine! All mine! :D

Bought several months ago, I have just been crap in updating the site… But just shortly after joining HP I bought a new car!!

The plan was to get an RX-8. I had it all planned out. New 2005, Metallic Blue, Automatic, with Navigation System. Talked with the dealership several times, and told them… ‘I will buy it, I have financing, all you need to do is find me the car I want’.

So comes the day of reckoning. Salesman leaves me hanging around for 30 minutes… we then go out to look at the car with my parents, and sure enough it is a blue RX-8, but that is where the similarities end. It was a 2004, with nearly 8000miles on the odomotor. It did not have navigation (which was not a big deal), but had loads of dings! To top it off it cost more than a new 2005… the reason you ask… ‘well, eh, it has tinted windows and a big spoiler!. My response… ‘I don’t F%^king want a big spoiler or tinted windows. I want the right car at the right goddamned price!

This was repeated to the general manager of the dealer with the addition that I did not appreciate them trying to screw me over… answer was…’well, we have not screwed you over yet! YET?!?!?

Long and short… my dad has a friend who works at BMW Momentum West. We took a ride, I took a walk around, a test drive, then the papers were signed and wouldn’t you know it, I was the proud owner of a 2005 BMW 325i!

New Kid on the Block!

No not the boy band! Charlie, aka Chuckie or Chuckles is the new addition to the Geehan household at 5509 Crooms. Rescued from certain death of exposure and hunger by my mum, the person with a ‘bleeding heart bigger than Texas’, Chuckster has beed bottle fed from when he was 4 hours old.

Now just over 5 weeks old (I think!) he is now the brat of the house (yes, I no longer have that honour!). with the parental units in Hawaii, sunning it up, I am now the designated babysitter, and here are a couple of piccies of the little ankle bitting brat!

Charlie’s Photos


I know, a long time since any updates… and no new Texas Times, even after me promising one! TOUGH! One is in the works, but still need to write it!

Anyway, second full project complete at work, and to wrap it up, I flew up to Indiana and drove to the site… and GOT A BLOODY TICKET in the process. I blame the car… it was more powerful that I thought, but really that is not much of an excuse!

Books Section…

I have now added a section within the books review, listing the books I have bought and have on my to read list, so you can now see not only what I have read, am reading, but also… what I will be reading! 😀