Mug Shots

Wonder how the years have treated me? Well now wonder no more! A range of mugshots of yours truly are now online as you can see in the blurb area. Just either reload the page, or click on the Mug Shots link on the menu bar on the left!

New Navigation

New Navigation set-up on the site. I prefer this, but will probably change my mind in a month or so and redo it again!!!

More updates coming soon… which I will probably put together into another newsletter.

Mitul got Hitched

Yes, it is true. Another one has dropped! One of the 3 G’s has got married.

27th Febuary 2005, Crowne Plaza in Nashua, New Hampshire Mitul Shah and Tammy Ramsdell tied the knot. Photos that I managed to take are now online. Check them out here